The Perfect Match: Finding the Right Perfume for You


They say that you can tell a lot about a person by the perfume that they wear. They added that it perfectly captures the essence of the individual. After all, spritzing yourself with perfume is said to be a form of self-expression. Thus, the act highlights several character traits.

If you want to impress someone, it is not enough to buy him (or her) the most expensive bottle of perfume you can find. You might immediately grab Hugo Boss. But he might be someone who finds immense pleasure with Mother Nature, so it might be wiser to go with fragrances from Jo Malone.

You may be spraying some perfume on yourself because you like the scent and not to impress anyone. But your fragrance may give the impression of luxury and class. If this is the case, you might want to understand more about perfumes, so take a seat and read this article.

Warm and Confident

Are you a naturally a warm person? Do you easily find friends? Or perhaps, people find you bold and confident. If you see yourself in this persona, you could also find a perfume highlighting these characteristics.

Considering that you are naturally welcoming, you should look for woody scents. One excellent example would be the Wild Stone Edge.

Sophisticated and Classy

If you consider yourself sophisticated and classy, you do not have to limit your fragrances to Bulgari or Chanel. You can opt for scents with a hint of earthy infusion in their perfumes. In this case, you can go for Wild Stone Intense.

This perfume has a touch of musk and can be very versatile. Musk fragrances can be mixed with other exotic flavors that produce incredibly flattering brews. You can also opt for Wild Stone Legend.

Clean, Calm, and Happy

If people consider you as a well-rounded person, who loves nature, you can go for aquatic fragrances. You can never go wrong with these scents because they give off an impression of freshness. It compels you to indulge in the beauty of Mother Nature.

In this case, you should choose Wild Stone Hydra. Its cool and calming scent will bring you to a remote paradise.

Intense, Attractive, and Sensual

Some people associate sensuality with Christian Dior. But you do not have to limit yourself to such a brand. You can go for scents that exude mystery, intensity, and attractiveness. We usually connect these characteristics to woody, masculine scents.

If you see yourself as mysterious, you cannot go wrong with warmer, sweeter smells. You are someone who people consider as a leader of the style and is quite witty and charming. In this case, you should try Wild Stone Ultra.

Bold, Powerful, and Classic

Wild Stone also has the fragrance for those people with a powerful presence. They are so magnetic that everyone would immediately watch their every move. As an Alpha, your characteristic screams energy and dynamism. In this case, you should opt for Wild Stone Night.


Spritzing the right perfume will send the perfect message. You might want to wear something that exudes power during a meeting with the board of directors, while you may opt for something more sensual during a date. Your fragrance will highlight the persona that you want to project.

If you are looking for the latest perfume collection from Jo Malone, you should immediately shop at Alexandria Fragrance. We take pride in our ability to match the fragrance with your personality. If you want to impress someone, come and visit us to check our impressive array of fragrances.

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