Choosing Fragrance Notes to Match Your Personality Part 1


There are many ways to convey your personality and identity, from the clothes you wear to the mannerisms you exude. While it's a little more subtle, fragrances are a great way to showcase who you are. They tell a story about you and what you like. 

Whether you're looking for something feminine, masculine, or unisex, you can surely stumble upon something that you'd like. Or even more accurately, a certain smell creates an image and depicts how you want the world to perceive you in your entirety.

If you're thinking about refreshing your scent, take a look at your personality traits, and match them accordingly. For the first of this two-part article, here's a glimpse into a lively character and demure attitude along with their matching fragrance note:

What’s a Lively Personality Like?

Liveliness describes a personality type that's never at a loss for words. They're always energetic, outspoken, and communicative. On top of that, they're spontaneous, adventurous, and open-minded. Whatever the conversation is about, there's always something to add.

It's almost as if they have an appropriate punchline or question for every single situation to keep the party going. But even just on a one-on-one, a lively person is a great friend because you're always paying attention to what's going on around you and ready to speak.

What Are Good Fragrance Notes for Someone Lively?

It takes so much energy to be boisterous and outgoing, as well as to have a positive attitude all the time even if you love being around so many people. This is why people with lively personalities need a light and refreshing scent that's not too overbearing.

Floral or fruity notes can be a great choice for lively personalities. It's youthful and flamboyant enough to give you that presence while having a bit of sweetness. Spritz some of these cool down a bit, and get one that's long-lasting so that you still smell good at the end of the day.

What’s a Demure Personality Like?

Compared to a lively person, those with a demure personality are quiet, shy, and reserved. They're the ones who sit in the corner and observe the people around them, listening to what they have to say. 

There's a quiet strength and self-assurance that demure people exude in their own manner. Their quietness draws you in, and you always have something new to learn from them. And with a calm atmosphere and their demeanor, you just want to know and hear more from them.

What Are Good Fragrance Notes for Someone Demure?

While a demure personality may be quiet, their scent should either be something that draws all the attention or just none of it. For the former, beautiful and musky fragrance notes can add to some of the mysteriousness that some people may be captivated by.

As an alternative, a softer and lighter fragrance would be better. Smooth, clean, and airy scents such as notes of green tea or jasmine are perfect for this type of scent. It's sure to make a long-lasting impression when you get into a conversation with someone.


Hopefully, you get a better understanding of what scents are best suited for a few specific personalities and what to choose for your own. Be sure to check back for part two to see which fragrance notes will fit others.

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