Choosing Fragrance Notes to Match Your Personality Part 2


Perfumes and colognes are probably some of the most intimate things you can pick and wear when getting ready for the day. And while there are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a fragrance, the most important thing to do is to have fun with it.

Your perfume is part of your personality and own personal statement. Whether it's going to be a fragrance that you wear to work every day, a signature perfume that you will always have, or something saved for special occasions, pick out what would match you best.

In the last article, we tackled what type of scent would best match someone with a lively and demure personality. Now, continue reading to get into two opposite sides of a persona and determine which fragrance notes would fit someone who's fiery and another who's calm.

What’s a Fiery Personality Like?

People with a fiery personality tend to be bold, fearless, and adventurous. They're not necessarily outspoken or “hot-headed,” although they usually are both when they need to be. Fiery personalities show their emotions but are also very self-possessed individuals.

Another commendable thing about people with fiery traits can be how they're very passionate about what they say and do. With their conviction, they never back down from a challenge and always like to take the lead fearlessly.

What Are Good Fragrance Notes for Fiery Personality?

People with a fiery personality type are usually branded as the more emotionally intense out of the bunch. It's best to choose fragrance notes that would be as strong as its wearer. For instance, citrusy scents are typically all energetic and vibrant.

Another typical characteristic to search for in a perfume note for someone with a fiery personality is something unforgettable. Staple fragrances such as cinnamon and nutmeg can be a great option that can also contribute to the image of such a straightforward person.

What’s a Calm Personality Like?

The basic definition of someone with a calm personality could be someone who is well-mannered, cool-headed, and polite. They're considered to be the more relaxed individuals, which is still slightly different from the timid and demure kinds of people.

Calm people are deliberate in their actions. They're thoughtful, subtle, and measured in whatever they do. In the same way, they’re unperturbed, cool, and collected. But just like a fiery personality, calm people are likely to be principled and loyal in their tracks.

What Are Good Fragrance Notes for a Calm Personality?

When it comes to a calm personality, you can play around with different fragrance styles and let people deem you however they’d like. Oriental scents are usually associated with romanticism, which makes it perfect if you want to come off as someone who’s very flirty and suave.

Scents like vanilla, lavender, and amber fit such elegant personalities, too. Pine and woody smells like sandalwood can also be great options for someone who's calm and collected, as it also gives the notion that you're very grounded and down to earth.


Whatever kind of personality you have or you're trying to replicate, take reassurance in knowing that there's a scent that will best suit that. It will add a bit more of an expression that'll communicate who you are to everyone you walk by.

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