A Comparative Guide to Aftershave, Cologne, and Eau De Toilette

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Apart from body and hair products with a fragrance (such as scented shampoos and lotions), three main product kinds can help you smell wonderful every day: aftershave, cologne, and eau de toilette. While they all share that one trait, they are also distinct. 

In this post, go through what each product does and how they differ in the sections below. Read on to find out which one to choose and where to find luxurious, exotic perfumes. 

What's the Distinction Between Cologne and Aftershave?

There's no need for an argument for aftershave vs. cologne. Both can have a place in your grooming routine, although they are rather distinct. As the name implies, aftershave is a product that is applied after shaving. 

It has skin advantages, such as calming and soothing your skin. The aroma of this type of post-shave product is often light. If it has a smell, a standard amount is 1-2 percent perfume oil.

Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion

Use a toner that works as an aftershave, such as Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion. The menthol and camphor in the composition soothe skin after shaving, but it also helps regulate greasy regions. 

Another multifunctional toner, Facial Energizing Tonic For Men, refreshes skin after shaving, leaves it looking moisturized, and significantly lowers indications of exhaustion. 

Another aftershave option is Ultimate Razor Burn & Bump Relief, willowherb and aloe vera-based aftershave lotion that reduces irritation. It also helps to lessen the appearance of redness, razor burn, and razor bumps and leave skin feeling "sting-free" after shaving.

Now it's time to talk about Alexandria cologne. It's a product that's sole purpose is to make you smell good. Thus, it doesn't have any shaving-related benefits. It's one of the most popular fragrances for males, with a stronger perfume than aftershave.

Is It Possible To Use Aftershave As A Cologne?

While the two are not interchangeable, you can substitute a men's aftershave for cologne. Wear your aftershave without any cologne or other fragranced products if you prefer a faint scent. It will be able to stand alone and shine. 

The inverse, on the other hand, does not exactly work. Replace your aftershave with cologne instead of aftershave because cologne isn't developed to relieve the irritation caused by facial hair removal.

How Do Eau de Toilette and Cologne Differ? 

Next, the difference between a pair of scents: cologne and eau de toilette. They aren't interchangeable, although they are both sorts of scents. The difference is in the intensity of each aroma, which drives to the next question. 

Is Cologne a Cheaper Alternative to Eau de Toilette?

The idea that Eau de toilettes are weaker than cologne is popular. In reality, cologne is the weaker kind when comparing eau de toilette with cologne. 

Aftershave, cologne, and eau de toilette are listed in order of strength from weakest to highest. Cologne typically contains 3-4 percent perfume oil, and eau de toilette contains 5-8 percent. 

The next step is Eau de parfum, the strongest of the three with an average of 15-25 percent perfume oil. 

Spray Musk Eau de Toilette

Musk Eau de Toilette Spray is a more aromatic alternative to an aftershave. It's a timeless, unisex fragrance based on Kiehl's original musk oil. The eau de toilette opens with bergamot nectar and orange blossom notes, then transitions to tonka nut, white patchouli, and musk as it dries down.

What Is the Origin of the Name "Toilet Water" for Cologne?"

Toilet water doesn't sound like it smells nice, which begs the issue of why some people call perfume that. It's derived from eau de toilette, which means "toilet water," but it's not referring to the water in your toilet bowl. 

Toilet refers to grooming in this context. While colognes and fragrances are occasionally referred to as "toilet water," this isn't quite accurate because, as you know, they're not the same as Eau de toilettes.

When it comes to Eau de toilettes, gender has no bearing on who should use them—all it's about is how strong you want your scent to be. Similarly, colognes are frequently mistaken for men's fragrances, while perfumes are frequently mistaken for women's. But, once again, it's all about the strength you desire. Choose a strength (and a scent) that is right for you.


There are many more types of perfumes. Higher-end scents can be expensive, so completing your homework ahead of time helps ensure that you obtain the smell you want. There are fragrance notes and fragrance types that determine the final scent. 

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