Perfume Storage: Here’s How to Prolong Your Fragrances

Perfume Storage: Here’s How to Prolong Your Fragrances

Nobody wants their perfume to end up useless not long after it's been bought. Keeping it fresh, however, is vital for it to be prolonged. How long does a new fragrance last in the first place? This happens over time, of course. 

Degradation and discoloration, on the other hand, degradation and discoloration can lead perfume to smell anything but wonderful. When perfume is improperly stored, it can go bad after a mere few months. That said, it’s essential to store your perfume the right way. 

Read on to learn more about perfume storage and prolonging fragrances:

Do Not Store Perfume in the Bathroom

This may seem strange, especially since it seems sensible to have it handy when you get ready or freshen up. However, fragrances cannot be stored in areas that are neither dark nor dry. Unfortunately, bathrooms have many temperature fluctuations and tend to be very humid. So, avoid the bathroom at all costs. 

Have a Dry Storage Area

Water damage can lead to several issues with the fragrances. Humidity and chemical reactions can lead a perfume's "DNA" to be impacted negatively. 

This is why keeping your perfume in dry storage areas is vital. If your space is particularly humid, keeping a fragrance in a room with a dehumidifier will help prolong its shelf life and prevent evaporation.

Hold on to the Original Box

Keeping the fragrance in its original box will definitely help in preserving your perfume. It may seem strange since cardboard is often seen as flimsy. However, they were made specifically for holding that fragrance as best they could. The lifespan of a fragrance can be extended considerably thanks to the original box.

Keep It in the Dark

Keeping perfume hidden away is the best possible means to preserve its properties. The darker the chosen storage area is, the better. A dark box or a closet's corners or rather far back will also work well. It can be tempting to leave them near access to natural light, since rainbows and other pretty light-related visuals can come about as a result. 

Unfortunately, that will also lead to a breakdown of the liquid's content and makeup. Yes, this applies to both natural light and the man-made type. Plastic bottles may end up melting, too. So even if the perfume bottle would look great on your dresser, just don't do it. 

Make Sure the Bottle Is Closed Up Until the First Spritz

Much like anything else that's sealed off when it's new, the condition of the perfume will be nothing less than perfect while it's left that way. The moment a bottle of fragrance ends up with oxygen, the scent inside will start becoming oxidized and likely dilute nonetheless. It basically means less scent and more oxygen, which is not helpful to the fragrance retaining its strength or smell.


Perfumes are only as good as their smell. When perfume isn't stored well, it can go bad in a matter of months, defeating its purpose. Great tips for storage include keeping the perfume in the dark, making sure the bottle is closed up until the first spritz, and holding on to the original box.

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