Understanding How to Store and Preserve Your Perfume

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Purchasing your own perfume can be quite a treat for yourself, especially when it's more an original and exotic variation with unique scents. But with that joy should come a sense of responsibility to properly care for it. After all, it is prone to degrading to expiring at some point in the future.

Storing and preserving your perfume, so it keeps its original scent can be a challenge, but that doesn't exactly mean you have to avoid it. With the right precautions, your perfume will look and smell like new. Continue reading to learn more about how to store and preserve your perfume.

What Makes Perfume Degrade?

There are some factors that may affect your perfume's longevity. The main ones include air, light, and heat of the perfume's storage. Here's a look into how these aspects affect the perfume and cause it to degrade:

  • Oxygen. When exposed to air, specifically to oxygen, fragrances simply won't last long. As oxygen comes into contact with the perfume, it can't help but break down the chemicals within the perfume, and it begins to degrade. 
  • Sunlight. Sunlight is also a factor that plays a key role in a perfume's lifespan. It's because sunlight is a leading contributor to speeding up the decomposition of the perfume, especially when the exposure is very direct.
  • High Temperature. High temperature causes your perfume to evaporate more quickly. This is because it is likely to boil off when left in a very hot environment, leaving you with very little of your perfume and a solution that has significant changes, affecting its scent.

What’s the Lifespan of a Perfume?

Perfumes are known to last for about three years if stored under ideal conditions, though it can vary depending on the fragrance type and brand. There's also the way you keep, store, and treat the perfumes that you own.

However, as mentioned above, oxygen-filled air, high temperatures, and glaring sunlight are influential. Such conditions will surely break down your perfume, and it will begin to lose its original scent, which can make the lifespan of perfume even shorter than before.

What’s Good for Preserving Perfume?

Certain techniques that can help in preserving perfume are providing it with the ideal storage. In addition to that, knowing how to use cold temperatures to your advantage must also be quite important. This is because the cold will help prevent the perfume from degrading in its liquid form as well as in its vapor form. It's part of the reason why scents last longer when you aren't sweating too much.

What’s the Ideal Storage for the Perfume?

Perfume should be stored away in a cool and dark place. Avoid exposing perfume to direct sunlight and avoid storing it near anything that can potentially trap and hold onto moisture. The best storage areas have a constant temperature, such as your refrigerator, or a dry place, such as your bathroom or the closet. Just aim to be careful with it, introducing extra reinforcements when necessary.


With all the factors to consider when storing your perfume, it's important to be wary of the perfume's lifespan. There's only so much one can do to preserve the perfume, but if you gently take care of your perfume, you can ensure that your perfume will last for a long time.

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