The Importance of Choosing the Right Fragrance for You


Oftentimes, when we catch a whiff of something, we are immediately transported to a time and place that we associate the scent with. Cookies baking in the oven may remind us of our childhood home when our mothers would make cookies. Perhaps lavenders could be a memory of you running in fields as a kid.

These memories will then trigger emotions in us, whether laughter or tears. Indeed, fragrances have greater control of our emotions. More than we notice, we find ourselves looking for scents as they hold precious memories to us.

Fragrances and Our Responses

Aside from memories, fragrances may also trigger some sort of physical response from us. Light scents may get us sniffing our noses looking for more, while stronger scents may have us sneezing. Whatever your fragrance preferences are, you will always find yourself reacting to different scents in different ways.

Furthermore, fragrances can even take it to the next level and change our moods. Some scents may help us relax and relieve ourselves from stress and anxiety. Meanwhile, other fragrances may get us in a bad mood because it causes headaches or even result in allergies or stuffy noses.

Knowing that fragrances can change our moods, whatever scents we surround ourselves with is very important. This does not just mean whatever we spray in the air or shampoos or soaps that we use; this also includes what perfumes, colognes, and bodily fragrances we may be using.

Choosing the Fragrance for You

Whatever is your own preference is important. Whether you are a man or a woman, there is no gender in fragrances, so you must get to choose a scent that is attractive to you.

When selecting a fragrance, you must remember that how it smells in the bottle is different from what it will smell on your skin. After spraying it on, you need to give it a few minutes for its scent to come out. Then, that’s when you can decide whether the scent is for you.

In addition to this, scents may smell differently throughout the day. Some may retain the smell it has in the first place, while other scents may have undertones come out when time passes. The smell throughout the day also depends on the exposure to your sweat, dirt, or any other smells that may stick on your skin for the day.

Before selecting a fragrance, make sure to do a test run for the day. If it still appeals to you by the end of the day, then you have found the fragrance for you.

What Your Fragrance Says About You

While you need to choose a fragrance that is appealing to you, some fragrances may be appropriate in some situations, and some may be less appropriate in others. This is important to consider, and a reason why you need variety when it comes to fragrance.

For example, an aqua and fresh smell may be good for a casual day out, but for a date night, you would choose sensual smells like vanilla or roses. Each fragrance holds meaning, and you need to consider this when selecting what to wear for the day or night.


A fragrance is more than just for cosmetic purposes. Fragrances hold valuable memories and could say a lot about a person. Make sure to choose a scent that you like, and is also appropriate for each situation.

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