How to Make Your Scents Last All Throughout the Day


Having a good smell all throughout the day increases anyone’s confidence. It makes someone feel empowered, and surprisingly, it can also trigger positive emotions. Fortunately, there are numerous kinds of perfume that can make you smell good all day. 

Take note that the way you apply perfume significantly affects how long the scent will last on your body. 

Lucky for you, we’ll tell you how you can make those notes last all throughout the day. Here are some tips you can follow so that you can keep smelling good all day: 

Tip #1: Avoid Rubbing the Perfume Into Your Skin

Perhaps most of you spritz some perfume on your wrists and rub them together before you put it on your neck and other areas. But, it’s not really the best way to do it. It’s one of the top common mistakes people make when applying perfume. 

Just so you know, rubbing perfume on your skin will only make the top notes fade and evaporate before they can settle, which means the notes that made you fall in love with the scent never truly translate into your skin. 

The perfume should slowly mix with your skin’s natural oil to make your scent last longer. If you rub it, the notes will fade, and the scent will also change because of the friction. So, avoid making the same mistake of rubbing perfumes onto your skin. 

Tip #2: Focus Spraying Perfume Onto Your Pulse Points

One good tip you can try to make your perfume last throughout the day is to spray it on the spots your fragrances love most: your pulse points. The pulse points are the perfect location to spray some perfume on because they emit extra body heat, which helps to diffuse a scent naturally. 

If you have no idea where your pulse points are, they’re located on the side of your wrists, inner elbows, below your belly button, and behind your ear lobes and knees. Spritz or dab on a few or all of them, and expect that your fragrance will linger all day.

Tip #3: Store Your Perfumes Properly

The longevity of the scents of your perfume on your body will also depend on how you store it. Just so you know, water, humidity, and drastically changing temps can change the perfume’s composition. Those can also cut short the shelf life of your favorite fragrance, so it’s crucial to store your perfumes properly. 

As much as possible, don’t put your perfume in your bathroom because there’s steam in there. Also, don’t expose it to direct sunlight because it can break the perfume’s makeup. Just place them in a cool, dark, and dry place. 


Applying your perfume is probably the final and easiest step in your beauty routine. But, to make the scent stay with you throughout the day, you have to apply it correctly. You also need to store your bottles correctly so that you can experience the full benefits of your perfume. Just follow our tips to ensure that the scent will last on your skin and in the bottle. 

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