How to Make Sure Your Perfume Lasts Long On Your Body

spraying perfume

Whether you wear men's perfumes or enjoy women's fragrances, one thing you may want is to figure out how to make the scent last longer on your body. This way, you get more out of the perfect essence once you've figured it out.

Here are a few secrets of the trade that will help you keep your favorite scent on your body for longer periods.

Use Light Dabs

The first thing to do is make sure that you only use a light touch when applying your perfume. Don't rub it in, as this won't make it "seep in" or anything. All rubbing does is end up dulling the top notes of your perfume.

The top notes are the distinctive scents most pervasive in the first few minutes after applying. Moreover, you end up overpowering the smell with your natural oils. This can either dull the prolonged scent or change the smell altogether.

Don't Overdo the Application

It's not how you put on the perfume, but how much of it you apply. A lot of people tend to double down on the amount of perfume they spray to get more fragrance out of it. However, this only ends up either becoming an overpowering scent for too long or getting distorted.

This is because unisex perfumes of a premium nature are made with a higher concentration. A few drops or sprays should be more than enough to get the effect you want.

Don't Mix Fragrances

You might want to try to make your little scent by mixing and matching. Let this be the sign that stops you from that questionable idea.

Not only does this ruin the potency of the scent, but it also muddles the notes together. This can be a problem if you suddenly find yourself with a new scent that is less than flattering. It's a bad idea if you use exotic fragrances.

This doesn't just apply to mixing perfumes, either. You should be wary of using scented lotions and the like if you are particular with your essence.

Go for Your Pulse Points

The rule of thumb is to apply perfume to pulse points. Make sure you use a light hand and have it there for the day. 

In particular, your pulse points are made up of your wrists, neck, temples, and behind the knees.

Apply Perfume Right after a Bath

It's best to put on your perfume when your skin is very hydrated. This is why you should apply your fragrance right after getting out of the shower. This way, your pores are still open and will soak up the essence better.

It's also good because it's easier for such essences to cling onto clean surfaces.


With a few simple and effective tricks, you can enjoy your favorite perfumes to the fullest. Make sure to apply it right, and you'll be set. Once you find the scent that works for you, you can use these tricks to stay elevated and distinctive as you go about your day.

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