3 Reasons Perfume Scents Last Differently From Each Other


There's always the excitement you get when you are finally able to afford the perfume you've been dreaming about getting. Of course, then comes all the ideas in your head on how to apply it to yourself to ensure those who meet you can enjoy the sweet fragrance the perfume has to offer.

Unfortunately, disappointment tends to follow. Why? Many people encounter the problem of the perfume not lasting as long as one might expect, unable to show off the fragrance to their peers. 

So, why does this happen? It's because the individual didn't realize that different perfumes don't last equally. Some last longer, some shorter. What's the cause of this? Let's find out:

1. The Type Of Perfume It Is

Firstly, not all perfumes are made equal. You see, not all perfumes are of the same consistency. The quality will determine if the perfume will last longer or not. There are perfumes that linger longer.

You see, the longer the perfume will last depends on the ingredients used. It's no surprise that most perfumes that tend to linger have ingredients that are thicker, stickier, and creamier with notes of vanilla and musk. These are the ones that will have the staying power that is more obvious.

You'll know that your perfume has this quality when it takes on a sticky consistency.

2. The Scent Of Your Body

The smell of your body also plays a key role in how long your perfume will linger. There are people who have a stronger smell than others. It all depends on what your body produces naturally

When your natural smell and your perfume combine, the result is a scent that's slightly different from the perfume alone. On that note, if the perfume you're using has a sweet fruity or floral scent, it will be fair to say that your perfume will not last long. But, if you're using a perfume that has a musk, vanilla, and woodier scent, you've got yourself a perfume that will last throughout the day. This is because the musk, woody notes, and vanilla notes have a stronger scent that will cover up and usually match your natural scent, ensuring that the perfume will last longer.

3. The Temperature

Are you wondering why the temperature plays a role in how long your perfume will linger? Well, it's because of the packaging the perfume comes in.

The temperature will affect how long your perfume will last because when your perfume is kept in warm conditions, it will evaporate faster.

Perfume tends to evaporate quickly when it's in a plastic bottle or in a glass bottle. The plastic bottle will retain the heat, making the perfume evaporate faster.

The glass bottle will also retain heat, but it will dissipate once the perfume is applied. If you want to keep the perfume in a glass bottle, make sure you keep it in a cooler place. This way, you can save some of your perfume as well as make it last longer.


There are plenty of other factors that can affect how long a scent lasts on your body, such as the perfume's concentration, how much you applied, and more. Regardless, the above factors play a huge role in how long your perfume lasts on your body, and so by being aware of said factors, you can buy the right perfumes and use them properly to ensure your expectations are well met!

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