Scents and Identity: Molding Perception Through Fragrances

couple on a date

Most first impressions last, as they say. While many may rely on their looks and mannerisms to appear charming in the eyes of others, some prefer to do it more subtly. Various situations in life would require you to make a mark; otherwise, being forgettable or ordinary wouldn’t help you get anywhere. One of the most effective ways of making a lasting impression is by putting on a fragrance, a perfume of sorts.

It may sound trivial at first, but perfumes can mold other people’s perceptions of you. It isn’t a mainstream concept because not enough people are talking about it, but try it yourself, and you could be surprised by the results. The thing about scent is that it often triggers certain reactions from others without needing to feel too obvious. 

One moment, you are speaking casually to a person, and then, they’d start to feel more comfortable discussing personal topics with you due to your tantalizing scent.

Indeed, it is a phenomenon unlike any other. If you are still unconvinced by the power of scents to help set others’ perceptions about you, look no further than the following examples and recommendations we have listed below.

1. In Job Interviews

Job interviews are where making a first good impression matters the most. If you want to land that position, you must ensure that the interviewer will be impressed by your answers and your overall composure. 

Employers are not only looking for someone who knows how to do the job, after all. They are searching for the complete package—a person who knows how to present themselves while garnering more sales for the company. One effective way of showing that in the interview is by wearing your favorite perfume.

Just remember not to spray too much of it. The fragrance must not be overpowering nor way too less that it’s barely noticeable.

2. In Personal Dates

If pleasure is more of your focus than work, you may also wear your fragrance before setting out on your date. Make sure that the person you will be meeting isn’t allergic to perfumes, or you could have an embarrassing encounter for the night.

Attracting the opposite gender is a matter of achieving the three important factors: intelligence, hygiene, and manners. Intelligence refers to the way you talk and the sophisticated topics that will impress them.

Meanwhile, hygiene is more about cleanliness; clean nails, combed hair, or a clean face free of dirt or stains. And last but not least is your presentability, referring to your apparel, shoes, and fragrance. The perfume you put on should be balanced, and it must match the preference of your date to prevent them from feeling uncomfortable throughout the night.

3. In Public Gatherings and Events

If you think putting on a fragrance for one person is hard, wait ‘till you get invited to a public gathering. You will have more people that you need to impress this time around, which means that your choice of perfume may make or break your possible acquaintances and healthy conversations. 

Luckily, people aren’t that picky whenever they attend an event with many others. As long as you have a well-balanced fragrance on you, you have nothing to worry about.

Although you can never please everyone, you may be presentable enough for you to earn their respect. 


Scents are a definite must-have if you want to smell presentable amongst your peers. The thing about fragrances is that they can attract more people towards you and even change their perception of you for the better. You do not have to worry about not having designer clothes if you make up for it through your choice of perfume.

Whether you are going on a job interview, an evening date, or a public gathering, you must remember to have the right balance of scent. Doing so will help you acquire the well-needed attention of others, much so their valuable time and conversation.

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