Shaving Soap 101: Everything You Need to Know About It

shaving soap

Shaving soaps were invented in the 14th century and remained the most common male shaving product until the advent of shaving creams during World War I. 

When shaving soap and a shaving brush are combined, a delectable lather is created that helps soften hair, protects the skin, and lubricates the razor, all of which lead to a more enjoyable shave with a better outcome.

What Is Shaving Soap Made Of?

Shaving soaps are made of a blend of natural ingredients, including coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, lanolin, beeswax, and shea butter. It's also common for soap makers to add other oils to their shaving soaps, such as avocado oil and almond oil.

Soaps are made using saponification, which is the chemical process that occurs when lye, or base, reacts with oils to create the lather.

Saponification occurs when a mixture of alkali and fat is heated, often over an open flame. The process takes about 24 hours for lye and oil to completely react; in the end, you get a product with a pH level of 8 to 10.

How Is Shaving Soap Made?

A shaving soap bar is made by infusing glycerin with a blend of natural oils. This results in a unique combination of moisture, softness, and protection from the skin's moisture and natural oils.

The glycerin that is infused with the softening oils infuses a high quality of moisture into your skin, which allows for a smoother shave.

What Are the Benefits of Shaving Soap?

Shaving soap is better for your skin than shaving gels. Most shaving creams, foams, and gels on the market today are made with a chemical compound called sodium lauryl sulfate. This chemical agent creates foamy consistency in most of these gels. However, this chemical is not suitable for your skin.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is an agent that may cause irritation and skin allergies. Although it's not always used, many ingredients can irritate your skin, causing redness, dryness, and even rashes.

Shaving soaps and creams are also better for your razor. The lubricating factor in shaving creams and gels often helps to weaken the durability of your razor, in addition to drying out your skin.

Is Shaving Soap Better Than Shaving Cream?

Shaving soaps and shaving creams are very similar. The main difference is that the soap is made using a completely natural process, and there is no additional water or chemicals added to it.

Many men who suffer from skin irritations or allergies can use toiletries that are made with natural ingredients, such as shaving soaps and creams. Many brands of shaving cream contain chemicals that can cause irritation, which is why shaving soaps are a safer option for those with sensitive skin.

Shaving soap allows you to create a lather that will enable you to get closer to your skin's surface, which will allow you a closer shave. However, you must know how to create this lather.

You also need to know how to lather a shaving soap. If you can't correctly lather the soap, you won't achieve proper lubrication of the skin and hair.


Finding a suitable shaving soap is essential. You want to find one that lathers well, has a high quality of natural ingredients, and works with your skin.

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