The Fragrant History of Perfume from Across the World

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Scent plays a bigger role in our lives than we think, especially in the way we perceive others and ourselves. When someone or something smells unpleasant, it can affect our mood and our opinions of that person. On the other hand, when a person smells amazing, it can set the right tone and give off a great impression. That's why a lot of people like to spritz themselves with a little bit of their favorite perfume. And while this phenomenon might seem like something modern society created, in reality, perfumes have actually been around much longer than that.

History of Perfume: Ancient Egypt

The first perfume in the history of perfume was actually produced over 5,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians used perfume oils for personal hygiene and to mask body odor, as well as to beautify themselves. Ancient Egyptians used fragrant plants and flowers that grew in their surroundings to create perfume oils.

The Ancient Egyptians were known to use myrrh, cinnamon, tamarind, calamus, juniper, and iris, to create the perfume. They would then store the perfume in vases and bottles made of alabaster, glass, and faience.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that the fragrance of their perfume was a gift from their gods. That's why they would use it as part of their daily beauty routine and during religious ceremonies and festivals. Like today, perfume was also used to show one's wealth, as a good perfume was expensive.

History of Perfume: The Persian Empire

The perfume was also used during the Persian Empire. In fact, the Persians were very fond of it, and perfumes were even described as a necessity in their culture. The Persians used many perfume oils, but the most popular ones were rose, narcissus, and jasmine. The perfume would be kept in special bottles made of crystal or glass.

History of Perfume: Ancient Rome

The Ancient Romans viewed perfume as an important part of their culture as well. The Romans used perfume for a variety of reasons, such as for religious ceremonies, as a part of renovations, to help people mourn, and for personal hygiene.

The Romans used a variety of perfume oils as well. The most popular ones were made from roses, violets, myrtle, and lavender. Rose oils were the most popular ones, as Romans believed that rose oils were able to cure headaches, coughs, constipation, and insomnia.

History of Perfume: The Chinese Dynasties

The Chinese dynasties, who were viewed as some of the most cultured people in history, also used perfume during their time. The Chinese dynasties were very fond of fragrance, and they would use perfume to show off their social status and add some fragrance to the air.

In fact, the Chinese dynasties seemed so fond of fragrance that they even decorated their furniture with jasmine flowers, which would add a beautiful scent to the room. The Chinese people used jasmine, orchids, and roses to create perfume oils. These oils were stored in bottles that were sometimes made from crystal, porcelain, or glass and would often be adorned with beautiful designs.

Final Thoughts

Today, perfumes continue to be popular throughout the world. And while the types of perfumes are being used in the same way as in the past, the ways we use them have changed. Modern society decided to take the knowledge of how to create perfumes and how to use them to create new perfumes that are more attractive than ever before.

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