Some Expert Tips in Picking the Right Cologne or Aftershave


It is every man's goal to feel, look, and smell fresh whenever they are in the presence of their peers. Besides the fact that it will provide a well-needed boost to their reputation, it will also give them the confidence to push through the day. That said, two of the components that would allow them to accomplish that would have to be the cologne or the aftershave.

Such a task may seem simple at first, but picking the right ones is easier said than done. In such a case, you may need to take note of the following tips to make the right pick from the start.

1. What Is Your Budget?

Before you start shopping, it is important to set aside a budget for such an endeavor. That way, you will be forced to pick the cologne and aftershave that falls under the price range you are willing to spend. In addition to saving you the hassle of looking for deals, it will also help you save the frustration of having to pick between two that are quite expensive.

2. What Scent Do You Want for Your Cologne?

Before you start looking for a good cologne, it is important to find out what sort of scent you're looking for. That way, you will be able to avoid picking colognes that are not your cup of tea. Some scents are geared towards men that are looking for a fresh scent to wear on a daily basis. On the other hand, there are also scents that would be considered as those that are intended for special events such as weddings or company conventions.

3. What Scent Do You Want for Your Aftershave?

In addition to the scent you want for your cologne, it is also important to find out what sort of aftershave you prefer. Of course, you will have to take into account things like your skin type, the season, and age. You do not want to put on a strong aftershave in the middle of summer when your skin is already oily. The simplest solution to this is to buy your cologne and aftershave in the same line.

4. How Much Are You Willing to Spend for a Good Cologne or Aftershave?

When it comes to cologne and aftershave, it is important to take into account the price. More expensive ones would mean that they would be more effective in providing the job they are supposed to do. That said, some colognes and aftershaves are more affordable and are just as good as the more expensive versions.

If you feel that the pricey options are not worth it, you do not have to go for them. Just look for the affordable ones. The great thing is that they are still capable of impressing your peers.

5. The Strength of the Scent

It is not enough to have the cologne or aftershave of your choice. You also have to bear in mind the strength of the scent that it has. If you are looking for a strong scent, then it is best to buy the ones that are scented that way. That way, you will not have to worry about reapplying your cologne or aftershave. On the other hand, if you are looking for a mild scent, it is best to pick the ones with a mild formula. You do not want to go too overboard with the scent that you choose.


In order to make the best choice when it comes to buying the cologne or aftershave that you need, it is important to take into account the things mentioned above. Depending on your needs, you will be able to make the right pick in no time at all. Be sure to check out the reviews available on the Internet as well to guide you in your decision.

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