A Guide: What Kind of Oils Can You Add in a Diffuser?


Suppose you've gone to a diffuser and potpourri aisle at your local dollar store recently. In that case, you're aware of the vast array of smells available, which includes candles, air fresheners, and warming fragrance oils, in addition to essential oils.

This selection is mixed together with fragrance oils resting beside essential oils and essential oil reeds. However, it's not apparent which oils are compatible with various devices or if you can even mix and match them at all. 

Essential oils are technically the only item you should use with a diffuser, as they are designed to work with aromatherapy. Diffusers are made to help you get the most out of your aromatherapy oils.

Why Should You Use Essential Oils in a Diffuser? 

Here are the factors to consider when choosing which oil to add to a diffuser: 


The most significant disadvantage of using anything other than essential oils in a diffuser is that they lack the aromatherapeutic healing effects. Moreover, they're more likely to include compounds that aren't designed for breathing. 

Excessive Oiliness

The texture of the oil is a major concern with adding things other than essential oils to a diffuser.

Even though the term "essential oil" implies that they have the consistency of baby oil, the truth is that they have a watery fluidity that allows them to disperse in water.

Other products, such as warming oil, have an oil viscosity that prevents it from dissolving in water. This isn't exactly a deal-breaker, but the chances of clogging the diffuser are considerably higher than with a water-based perfume.

Can You Use Fragrance Oils in a Diffuser?

Warming fragrance oils have an oily texture that does not dissolve in water. You will surely get an aromatic effect if you put fragrance oil in a diffuser since fragrance oil is powerful and creates an intense scent. 

However, the texture of fragrance oil can clog your diffuser far faster than essential oils. Fragrance oils, unlike essential oils, are designed to impart an aroma to the air and will not provide any therapeutic benefits as well. 

Can You Use Perfume in a Diffuser?

Perfume may be used in a diffuser since it has a watery viscosity and will dissolve in the diffuser's water. It also doesn't leave a residue or cause any diffuser blockages.

Perfume only adds fragrance and doesn't offer therapeutic effects to the air you breathe.


What can you put in a diffuser? You can get away with using any smell that will evaporate in water if you're using a humidifier-type diffuser.

However, you risk clogging your diffuser if you use fragrance oil instead of essential oils since fragrance oil has an oily nature that does not mix with water.

You may be able to attain a fragrant outcome by using fragrance oils in a diffuser, but you risk needing to replace the diffuser before long. Because perfumes blend nicely with water and leave no trace, they may efficiently be utilized in a diffuser.

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