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California Blues Inspired By Jazz Club




Warm, rich, boozy, a tad smoky semi-sweet. The perfect combination for any cold weather. It attracts with its simplicity yet it exudes a niche quality with a perfection in the blend quality. California Blues is sure to cut through the thick of winter and offer some warmth and sophistication to whomever wears it. This long lasting composition will blow you and your cult followers(you will get them) away. If you like a long lasting, warm, cozy fragrance to accompany you through the cold of winter then California blues is for you!

Inspired byJazz Club.

inspiration for REPLICA’ Jazz Club
Notes: sweet-tobacco-vanilla-rum-woody-aromatic-soft spicy-amber-warm spicy-powdery


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
This is good

This is a great match. It's stronger than Jazz Club.


California Blues Inspired By Jazz Club

Glenn Celis
Classy, versatile scent!

I met Hany back in 2019 at my workplace and he was so kind to give me a bottle of “glacier” , another fragrance that smells amazing. I RARELY buy fragrances but I was looking for one that was versatile, Had notes of tobacco, woody but also sweet, AND wasn’t as mainstream as designers. I knew I was always going to get something from AF and the time finally came! I literally can’t stop smelling my wrist as I’m typing this review and I’m already loving the progress of this scent. Amazing work!!

Gerard Harrison

The original Jazz Club is eau de toilette. And I fell in love with it. When I saw that Alexandria had an eau de parfum version I was skeptical. Because I always thought there wasn’t a difference between the two concentrations until I learned the hard way through Fahrenheit. When I learned there was a eau de parfum version of Fahrenheit I jumped on it. But when it came I was disappointed. It wasn’t the same smell I remembered. And so I’ve been buying the eau de toilette Fahrenheit ever since. But, I don’t know how they did it, but California Blues IS JAZZ CLUB. An eau de parfum concentration that lasts ALL DAY and smells IDENTICAL. I’ll never buy the original again because I prefer eau de parfum. Now please don’t be skeptical when you read this. I’m also a person that used to roll their eyes when a reviewer claims that it’s better than the original. I’ve always believed Alexandria fragrances were just identical to the original. The only other purchase that I thought was hands down better was Gypsy Water. IT IS WAY BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL. And this one is number two. Although this is also identical to the original the fact that it’s eau de parfum makes it better. And as for the scent… it is a compliment savage. Always get compliments when I wear it.

Dash Overstreet
Love it

Smells amazing! Spot on dupe. Definitely a bang for your buck. Give it a try you’ll love it.