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California Blues Inspired By Jazz Club

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  • Men

Warm, rich, boozy, a tad smoky semi-sweet. The perfect combination for any cold weather. It attracts with its simplicity yet it exudes a niche quality with a perfection in the blend quality. California Blues is sure to cut through the thick of winter and offer some warmth and sophistication to whomever wears it. This long lasting composition will blow you and your cult followers(you will get them) away. If you like a long lasting, warm, cozy fragrance to accompany you through the cold of winter then California blues is for you!

Inspired byJazz Club.

inspiration for REPLICA’ Jazz Club
Notes: sweet-tobacco-vanilla-rum-woody-aromatic-soft spicy-amber-warm spicy-powdery


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Christopher Melendez

Amazing accent.

California Blues!

Excellent fragrances. So my husband wears replica fragrances particularly jazz club and by the fireplace. I love those fragrances, unfortunately he does not like to I bought CA Blues and wore it and my husband was smelling me all night saying I smell so good in his cologne. I told him it was not his cologne, it is a dupe that last way longer. He said he wants to purchase some dupes from AF! So I will be purchasing more fragrances for the both of us!

Drew M
Better Than Jazz Club

Just got the bottle in last night and after testing Jazz Club and this side by side this one is way better. It actually last where Jazz Club has terrible performance on my skin.

Holy Smokes!!

First off Jazz Club is one of my favorites of all time so I know that fragrance really well..

With that said, Hany, you guys nailed this one.. This is better than the original.. So glad I got the big bottle.. I can’t stop smelling myself.. my wife and I live in a small condo and now the whole condo smells like this after one spray.. Job well done Alexandria!!

However there is one minor change you should make.. the three descriptive words write - sweet tobacco vanilla where I think sweet tobacco rum is a better description.. just my thoughts!! Again nice work can’t wait to get more :)

Willie Day
Playa $#!+