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African Magic Inspired By Memo Paris's African Leather

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The sun sets on the Serengeti, and the animal kingdom begins to settle in for the night. The calming warmth of the earth radiates towards the sky, and the ambiance crackles with latent majesty and power, resting but ready to erupt, simmering beneath the surface. African Magic caresses your senses with this same subdued raw energy, a tapestry of rich leather aromas expertly woven together with sweet cardamom and an earthy saffron-and-vetiver blend, spiced with cumin and patchouli. It is the smell of opulence, mouth-watering and sensuous, dark and yet somehow gentle. It is the scent of self-possession and assurance. Inspired by Memo Paris's African Leather!

Time of day: Afternoon/Evening

Weather: Any

Notes: Cardamom, Leather, Saffron, Vetiver, Cumin, Geranium, Patchouli, Oud, Bergamot, Musk


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kyle Spells

My sample came in today. Haven’t smelled the OG but This scent is exquisite. Earthy, spicy, patchouli saffron leathery cardamom bomb. Ive been to Kenya and this reminds me of some of some of the spice markets there. The drydown is OMG. Job well done. This one is big bottle worthy. Can’t stop sniffing my arm. Job well done

Omkar Nadgauda
Very good perfume

I have sampled Memo Paris African leather. I don't see difference between the 2. This is a very good fragrance.

Love it as always

Now that I’m buying this again since I never want to run out, I noticed it smells like Au Coeur Du Desert from Tauer lol. I guess Tauer’s hit must smell like African leather. Regardless, this is always excellent. Yes it’s best suited for fall and winter, but since it smells like the cardamom tea with saffron I’ll use it all year. Excellent smell and this thang last!!’

Ricardo Juarez Aguilera
Tipo duro y elegante

Siempre es importante tener referencias en español... Empezamos.

African Magic, es una fragrancia exquisita. Inicia fresco cítrico y floral, con importante acompañamiento del cardomomo, de inicio es una fragancia con importante proyección. En el corazón, se empieza a introducir poco a poco el cuero, el cuero no es para nada protagonista, es un liezo, sobre el cual se plasman el resto de acordes. Es un cuero que en un inicio es salvaje, pero pronto, notas que se trata como un cuero de alta calidad, como un abrigo de cuero caro, fino, dulce.

Lo importante radica en las especias, el cardomomo y comino, aportan una masculinidad sin precedentes con el pachuli. Pero el geranio, le da ese balance unisex junto al azafrán. Ya al fondo, se nota el almizcle, madera de oud (oscura, dulce).

Me parece más masculina, para todo un alfa, un tipo rudo, pero, que es elegante, es decir, un hombre decidido, seductor, que se sabe alfa, pero se comporta con muy buenos modales... carismático, enigmático, nocturno y sensual.

African Magic

I have never put my nose to the original African Leather from Memo, but it doesn't matter because this fragrance smells amazing: Spicy, exotic, leathery and intense. And, it projects like a monster and lasts forever too.