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Agar Intense Inspired By Tom Ford's Oud Wood Intense

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Agar Intense is a magical world in which opposites come together in harmony to produce greatness -- this is the world of Agar Intense. The sour and slightly dank notes of castoreum and oud wood, unfit to exist in isolation, are paired with pungent green cypress and juniper, infused with bright ginger, and presented as a unified whole which cannot be ignored. The scent is tantalizing, urgent, and irresistable because it is wholly unique. It demands your attention, and rewards your engagement. Inspired by Tom Ford's Oud Wood Intense over and over again!

Time of day: any

Weather: any

Notes: Oud, Angelica, Cypress, Ginger, Juniper, Castoreum


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James Killebrew
oud journey

I am really glad AF offers their economical and convenient sample packs. We get 35mls of various scents of our choosing to try before going all in on a full bottle for only 50$. I have ordered 49 frags in 7 boxes since I began this journey with AF. This last one I went for oud based fragrances so I can experience the different interpretations of this note. THE standout one for me Damascus Rose, of which I immediately bought the 55ml, then followed closely by Agar Intense. Animalic, complex and dark, I imagine it represents another interesting facet of the creative mind of Tom Ford, who's work is legendary in our community. Most are out of my price range, so thank you AF for letting us all in on the luxury world of scents! It makes it hard for me to stick with my resolution to limit my full bottle purchases to one per month with AF, but it's exciting getting that parcel in the mail every time!

Extremely awesome!

Incredibly close to the original fragrance. Oud Wood intense is strange. The first time I smelled it I didn’t like it but it grew on me and I became crazy about it. To the point I was about to buy a whole bottle. Then I found Agar intense. This is actually a fragrance you can wear. It’s a different scent but I absolutely love it. It smells so close but a lot more smooth. Not only will it be enjoyable for you to wear, it is also enjoyable for other people to smell. It gives off a powerful and confident vibe. Great job on this one.


This is what I expected an Alpha male to smell like. Brutal , refined and elegant. Definitely not the powdery quality of the original, but more bold, stand out, secure and sexy. I got the oud, the cypress and the juniper TO MY FACE and I so much liked it! Give this a try.

Dexter Charles

Agar Intense is a pretty amazing fragrance. Had the chance to smell Oud Wood Intense and I was soo surprised that I actually found myself drawn to keep smelling my arm...damn I guess I dig brash challenging scents. Oud Wood Intense is strong, obtrusive, & pungent. It's weird but somehow sexy...smelling it I could feel the pure carnal virility pulsing off my arm. I definitely could see myself wearing the scent for specific upscale occasion but no way in hell would I pay that outrageous price tag...Cue AGAR INTENSE!!! Hany Hafez this one right here is LEGIT! Agar Intense what can I say, it has all the same characteristics, it invokes all the same feels; it's a WINNER. High praise to Agar Intense bc I feel it's better than Oud Wood Intense not only for the price value piece but for the fact that Hany took a really outcastable scent and made it hella wearable! Thank you, job well done!!!!

Faruk Lania
Dont fall for the trap

Wrong size wrong product no returns pure scam