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Alexandria 24 Inspired By Hermes H24

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Alexandria 24 Contains some very much needed fresh air to the game with its exotic notes. Clary Sage takes the center stage with its herbaceous fresh almost "metallic" note.
This note transforms itself with weather, humidity and skin chemistry. To keep company to this beautiful note comes a fresh flowery but very manly Narcissus that provides the
perfect fresh undertone to settle down the brightness of the Clary Sage. Almost like a Ying-Yang these notes balance themselves to perfection. Last but not least comes the Palisander
Rosewood to round up this Green, Flowery, Earthy/Woody fragrance. A timeless classic that will become the new fresh men's fragrance standard for years to come. Alexandria 24 Can be worn
every day and everywhere. Dressed up, dressed down, or not dressed at all ;). Alexandria 24 should be experienced in all weathers as its many faces will bring joy to your heart with each and
every new experience Alexandria 24 gives you.

Inspired by Hermes H24.

Notes: Clary Sage, Metallic notes, Narcissus, Palisander Rosewood.

Time of Day: Any


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Something different and addictive

I love its smell and duration. Highly recommended.

Nello CaltabianoCaltabiano

I haven’t ever tried the OG but honestly I don’t care to. AF 24 is fantastic.

Hot iron

It's green, I get the cut grass and the hay. It's fresh, aromatic, slightly floral from the narcissus, and then there's the hot iron smell.

If you read about the creation of h24 I believe this was intentional. There's something the metallic note is doing when combined with the other ingredients that gives off wafts of a scent that smells exactly like a hot iron while ironing your clothes. This aspect in this fragrance is so very cool, (not temperature cool, but cool as in this is just so interesting, different, and has a wow factor).
For some reason it works, it almost feels like it shouldn't, like why am I smelling a hot iron amongst this fresh green floral scent, but at the same time why not?

I think that's why I really like this, because it's a little out of the ordinary especially for a designer scent.

Now I think if you have never ironed your own clothes, you are not going to understand this fragrance and appreciate that aspect of it. You may still like it for it's fresh green aromatic aspects but might find the metallic notes to be strange or off putting.

But if you have ironed clothes before, you really need to sample this and actually wear it to see how awesome this is.

Aaron Brown
Modern fougere

this is good stuff, the opening is beautiful bright clean and a bit sweet. But over time it fades and you can this nice fougere scent. Very inoffensive office fragrance, it can be signature scent worthy. Good stuff man I'm really happy with it. I wore it 3 days in a row which with 200 bottles of cologne I never do. That's how much i like it. The metallic notes is subtle not nearly as pronounced as in something like silver mountain water or Azzaro chrome... it's slight. Very nice cologne I recommend it.

Carlito Bo
Sexyyyyy night banger!!!

F ing unbelievable gorgeous scent great job AF my god wowwwww versatile but at night when noses are open this is when IMHO IN A CLUB OR BAR IT WILL GARNISH MANY COMPLIMENTS AND A FEW DIGITS FROM THE SEÑORITAS!!! ✌❤