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Aromatic Conflict Black Inspired By Interlude Black Iris by Amouage




Aromatic Conflict Black-

The flanker that you have all been waiting for! Aromatic Conflict comes back with an intriguing new addition to its notes arsenal to complement its beastly original DNA.
Aromatic Conflict Black is now smokier, darker and buttery smooth. A more elegant version of the original, Aromatic Conflict Black uses Violet Leaf, sweet Vanilla to smooth
things out and a smoky mysterious Myrhh to darken the concoction. The blue beast just became the black beast. With its original DNA smoothed off the rough edges and perfected
an already amazing fragrance. The very controversial Oregano note is dropped from the original fragrance making it more appealing to the masses without losing its beastly touch. Replacing the
Oregano note comes velvety Orris that gives a fresher and more gentle touch. If you loved the original Aromatic Conflict you will definitely LOVE the black version,
 you have to give Aromatic Conflict
Black a try. It is a must buy if you like to stand out in crowds, be noticed and smell amazing all at the same time!

9 out of 10 of our customers love Aromatic Conflict Black over Interlude Black Iris by Amouage 9/10 times!


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Leo A.
Identical to Black Iris

Very potent, dark & captivating. I have a sample of Black Iris by Amouage and cannot tell it apart from this one. Perfectly done. Definitely limit your sprays as this is both very strong and lasts a long time.

Teresa Maples
Smells great

This is the best Iv ever used. High priced, big name colognes and perfumes can’t compare to your products. Long lasting hours after you put it on. Most last until the next morning. I only buy ❤️Alexandria.

Muhammad H
Aromatic Beast in Disguise

I have bought this fragrance as a blind buy. The performance is crazy good and lasts all day on my skin. It smells heavenly. I recommend you get a bottle, because this is worth it.

Alberto Herbert

I don’t know how he manages, but I have both, this one and the original, and I have to say is better than the original!, not worth at all to pay the amouage price… keep up the good job Hany!

Great orris frag

I have had Imaginary Authors O, Unknown on my wishlist for ages but I think this is better. After my first test I almost put it in the discard pile but I did a full day test today and it is awesome. Very orris forward and lasts for ages. There is a little bit of green in there which makes it more interesting than O, Unknown. I could smell it through my mask and it lasted all day