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The first rays of sunlight spill onto the exotic garden, making the fresh drops of dew on the fig leaves sparkle and dance. The airy light scent of oranges and lemons is carried on the breeze. Earthy, green, minty aromas of cypress and juniper swirl and mix together as the nearby branches gently stir. All things are quiet, understated, peaceful. Sit for a moment and enjoy the fragrant environment. Then take some with you in a bottle of Babylon, a fragrance many of our customers are choosing instead of Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee.

Time of day : Any time of day 

Weather: Any

Notes: Fig Leaf, Cypress, Red Cedar, Bergamot, Lemon, Orange Blossom, Mandarin Orange, White Nerium Oleander, Pistachio, Musk

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