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Beirut Live Inspired By Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

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The ultimate fresh and fruity floral! A signature worthy scent that keeps on giving. Beirut Live uses Quince to provide a bright fruity scent that is delicate but not weak. Grapefruit adds a nice tone of citrus to the mix while being toned down by the Jasmine. The iris in this beautiful fragrance
is not powdery but it gives a nice soft tone of "cleanliness". Musk, Cedar and Amber are at the bottom of the heart and provide a girthy base that helps
sustain the top notes throughout the life of the fragrance. If I were to describe a way that this fragrance makes me feel would be being in a garden with
a sweet fruity spirit while laying down on fresh clean linen. An amazing experience to be had and this romantic, delicate fragrance could be used year round
anytime by all ages. Beirut Live is a simple no-brainer grab-and-go crowd pleaser fragrance for every day use.

Notes: Floral-Fruity-Citrus-Sweet-Fresh Spicy-Powdery-White Floral-Musky-Green-Iris

Time of day: Any

Occasion: Any

Inspired by Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ernest Ferrier Jr
A must have for Date Night

It’s an elegant, grown man smell that will definitely get you compliments. It performs really well in hot, humid weather and the dry down simply blissful. My girl loves it on me! Must have

DATB has some Comp 💪

This is a Banger too, right up there with SATB. The sweetness Phenomenal ita toss up between the two I love em BOTH!!!

Adrian Blackmon
Brilliant Opening

The opening is magnificent, but the fragrance lacks sillage, and is lacking in projection. Overall, just an average fragrance.