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Black Sun

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Sweet Honey caressing your body with warm Amber intoxicate your surroundings in a cloud of sexy fragrance. Resin and Leather give Black Sun a brutal

performance that will stay with you all day. The opening has Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Mandarin, and Orange Blossom that captivates your very soul and
leave you asking for more! Black Sun is a manly concoction that plays with body chemistry bringing out notes in different situations, sometimes sweeter,
other times woodier, all depending on weather, humidity, and skin chemistry. Whichever way it wears, it does so in a very sexy way. The one factor that doesn't
change is how long lasting and alluring Black Sun is.

9/10 of our customers prefer Black Sun than TF Soleil Brulant.

Notes: Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Mandarin, Honey, Orange Blossom, Resin, Amber, Woody Notes, Leather, Vetiver.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
TF.... You sick for this creation just sick!!!

This is for them slick back hair Smooth operator, hair gel done just right not to shiny just right nice pair jeans fly button down shirt rocking them Chelsea boots or some classy looking sneakers w a light leather jacket a nice gold chain nothing gaudy.... HANDSOME DEVIL 😈 FIRE 🔥 ✌🏼❤

Sheddrick Marable

Black Sun

Kyle Spells
Don’t hesitate - buy.

Got a sample of this and just put it on. The review by the brother below referencing the oils sold by brother on the subway is spot on. This is a luxurious scent. Will be ordering Big Bottle.

vladimir evsikov

Beautiful, persistent. I would say not "Black sun", rather "Black star", you fall into the fragrance and it's with you all day!

Coty Perry
Why can't I give it 6 stars?

Long story short. You want everyone to know you smell good? Buy this.