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Blue Turquoise Inspired By Armani Prive's Bleu Turquoise




Blue Turquoise Bring a new and exciting scentstory to tell. Like a summer night in a hot spring. Blue Turquoise explodes with an Amber Spicy scent that captivates everybody. Salty, Spicy, Sweet, and very exotic Blue Turquoise opens up with a salty peppery Incense that just begs to be smelled. In the heart of Blue Turquoise you will find a flowery sweetness provided by the Ylang-Ylang, Indian Jasmine, and Nagarmotha, giving a fresh soothing aura to round up the explosive opening. As bottom notes the sweet Vanilla, green Moss and Sandalwood give this wonderful fragrance its long lived life and bringing up the "sexy" level. An experience to be had for any fragrance lover and one that you will not be disappointed with. You have not smelled this anywhere on anybody like any ol' boring fragrance. This one asks for attention and a world of compliments will come when wearing Blue Turquoise.

Inspired by Armani Prive's Bleu Turquoise.

Notes: Salt, Incense, Black Pepper, Ylang Ylang, Nagarmotha, Indian Jasmine, Vanilla, Moss, Sandalwood. Time of day: Any


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
I can’t tell a difference between the real version and this

Smells 99% the same if not 100%
The original has been discontinued so it’s nice to know I can still get it here. Amazing fragrance!

Gorgeous scent!!!

I need to buy another bottle

Samah Alamiri
Beyond inspiration

Incredible scents! I couldn’t distinguish it from the original one, but I can say that Alexandria inspirational las longer, I Loved it , and look forward to buy more.

Juan Gutierrez
Love the Original, Love This

This is a very veeery close interpretation of the original. I've had a sample of BT for a few months and felt tempted to get a full bottle, however I just can't justify the steep price tag. I ordered Alexandria's version and I'm so pleased with the results. If I had to give a number I'd say is 90-95% similar.

Smooth and Sexy

First off, I have never smelled the original. I received a sample of this with another purchase. After trying it though, I had to get a bottle. This stuff is magic...woodsy, creamy, fresh. The vanilla here is different...not too sweet. The florals are pretty subtle. The salt, incense, and sandalwood are very pronounced here. Along with the vanilla, they are what I pick up the most. This smells very smooth and refined...super nice. You will get noticed.