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Brooklyn Fragrance Lover Inspired By Kilian's Angels'

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Like a good Cognac Brooklyn Fragrance Lover brings the ultimate Luxury experience. Subtle, smooth, with a sweet vanilla-praline undertone followed by the aged oak cask and spices.
To the nose, these notes bring pleasure and confidence to the wearer. Like the most expensive V.S.O.P, Brooklyn Fragrance Lover is appreciated by all. Remarkable performance
makes for an amazing conversation starter and a warmth, sexy sillage will have everyone craving for more. Brooklyn Fragrance Lover is for those special nights out. The perfect
black tie event companion. Brooklyn Fragrance Lover is simply "Love at first sniff".

Notes: Cognac, Cinnamon, Tonka Bean, Oak, Praline, Vanilla, Sandalwood.

Time of day: Night
Occasion: Special

Inspired by Kilian's Angels' Share.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Tonya Tinsley
Brooklyn Fragrance

I have the original and this smells exactly like Killian's Angels. Definitely worth purchasing if you don't want to spend 200 bucks on the bottle.

James Rhodes

Smells amazing

Petros Rakas
It’s the same.. if not better

I hate reading reviews where people claim a fragrance smells the same as the original. I get discouraged or I think most of the reviews I’ve read are bogus. Thinking that half have not smelled the original and just spewing 💩 and the other half need to get their noses checked.

In this case, this is definitely 1000000% the same fragrance.. if not better (performance wise) my goodness!! I love Alexandria fragrances! This smells just like Angel Share! R.I.P Carlos

Marcos Carvalho
Absolutely Delicous

Smells just like my sample of Angels Share. The only difference with this version is that it lasts way longer and the delicous top and mid notes last longer in the Alexandria version. I love it so much! The bottle is also very elegant and high quality and sprayer mists finely when compared to their competitors which is very much appreciated.

Nathan Adams
My first Alexandria Fragrance... Won’t be the last

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover is a fantastic rendition of Angels Share. I have always heard positive things about the quality and craftsmanship of Alexandria... Figured I should try one of the fragrances out sooner then later. I have had a sample of Angels Share, but figured try BFL first, before spending the $... Wow... So glad I did. Almost identical, but definitely has its own unique feel as well. Well worth the money... Can’t wait to give it full wearings come Fall and Winter.