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Brooklyn Fragrance Lover Inspired By Kilian's Angels'




Like a good Cognac Brooklyn Fragrance Lover brings the ultimate Luxury experience. Subtle, smooth, with a sweet vanilla-praline undertone followed by the aged oak cask and spices.
To the nose, these notes bring pleasure and confidence to the wearer. Like the most expensive V.S.O.P, Brooklyn Fragrance Lover is appreciated by all. Remarkable performance
makes for an amazing conversation starter and a warmth, sexy sillage will have everyone craving for more. Brooklyn Fragrance Lover is for those special nights out. The perfect
black tie event companion. Brooklyn Fragrance Lover is simply "Love at first sniff".

Notes: Cognac, Cinnamon, Tonka Bean, Oak, Praline, Vanilla, Sandalwood.

Time of day: Night
Occasion: Special

Inspired by Kilian's Angels' Share.


Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Maria Palazzo
Spot on

This is a really great dupe. Very close to the original and lasts forever on clothes. Smells like an apple pie, but in a refined way. Very unisex, both my husband and I love this scent.

Jerry Myrick

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover Inspired By Kilian's Angels'

Yelena T
Angel”s Wings

This is such a nice fragrance! I never tested original but this smells Devine! It’s sweet, powdery a little spicy in the beginning incredibly long lasting for my skin is a very rear. It settles into a very beautiful warm and sweet a little boosy definitely female leaning. In the beginning it can be considered unisex but not the dry down. I sprayed at 10am it’s 7 pm and it’s going strong. Not heavy very refined. In the beginning very similar to Tobacco Vanille TF but only when you first spray. Honestly I don’t even want to try the original I do not care how it smells I love this one.

Russ Jerome
Absolutely excellent.

I received two immediate compliments only minutes after putting this on. Brooklyn Fragrance Lover is now my go to fragrance.

Sergio Chiaravalloti
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover inspired by Killian s Angel share

Unfortunaley Never Smell the Original 😥 But this stuff Smells Devine!!! High quality ingredients and last forever