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Brooklyn Fragrance Lover Inspired By Kilian's Angels'

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Like a good Cognac Brooklyn Fragrance Lover brings the ultimate Luxury experience. Subtle, smooth, with a sweet vanilla-praline undertone followed by the aged oak cask and spices.
To the nose, these notes bring pleasure and confidence to the wearer. Like the most expensive V.S.O.P, Brooklyn Fragrance Lover is appreciated by all. Remarkable performance
makes for an amazing conversation starter and a warmth, sexy sillage will have everyone craving for more. Brooklyn Fragrance Lover is for those special nights out. The perfect
black tie event companion. Brooklyn Fragrance Lover is simply "Love at first sniff".

Notes: Cognac, Cinnamon, Tonka Bean, Oak, Praline, Vanilla, Sandalwood.

Time of day: Night
Occasion: Special

Inspired by Kilian's Angels' Share.


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
La mejor fragancia alicorada

La salida de ésta fragancia me recuerda a un vaso de un buen coñac, la canela le da un toque dulce pero no empalagoso.
Aroma elegante, fino para días o noches frías.
Recomendado? Pues 100%, parecido con el original, 95-98% (tengo el original).
Sin duda un excelente perfume.

Donnie Wahlberg
Beautiful Sauce

You get exactly what the notes are a beautiful mixture of sweet praline and spicy cinnamon. Vanilla and tonka bean make it smooth and rich. The cognac just brings it all together with that much needed boozy touch which combines with the oak and sandlewood to even out all that sweetness. Performance is average, it lasts about 6 hours with average projection. Completely Unisex. One of my favorites in the Fall/Winter

Gerard Harrison
It’s pretty good

Never smelled original but the quality is good and it’s a good gourmand. It’s a three star because I blind bought it and haven’t had enough wearings but I give it five star because of the Alexandria quality. I don’t want to say anything definitely negative because I suspect it’s a sillage style of cologne like Terre d’Hermes where you think you don’t like it smelling it on your hand but when you smell it in the air you’re intoxicated. I haven’t had a chance to smell it in there air so I can’t say for sure but it’s okay on the skin just now wow… for now. I’m being cautious because I blind bought Van Cleese and Arpels Orchidee Vanille and swore I hated it. Smelt it five times on my hand and didn’t like it. The fifth time sprayed it, didn’t like and walked outside and caught a whiff and was in love. You make that mistake all the time with sillage fragrances. I immediately bought three more and I’ll buy another three when I’ve used those up. I had the same experience with Byredo Black Saffron. I thought it was just okay until I went outside and was blown away. So I’m being cautious with this one because I don’t want to potentially bad mouth what may be a masterpiece but so far it’s just okay. I’ll right another review after I’ve smelled it in the air.

Taahirah Matin

This dupe for Angels Share is simply beautiful. It's intoxicating and draws you in.

Eric Peacock

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover Inspired By Kilian's Angels'