Cairo Summer

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Cairo Summer is a refreshing scent made from fresh green notes and sweet neroli mixed with peculiar notes of amber and Virginia cedar. Finally a hint of pink pepper is added to add some spice to this fresh scent. If you are a fan of Nio Xerjoff, then Cairo Summer will be your cup of tea. 

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Day

Notes: Neroli, Bergamot, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Pink Pepper, Jasmine, Virginia Cedar, Patchouli, Guaiac Wood, Amber 

Customer Reviews

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Jose Rivera
an explosion of freshness

like the big bang a spray and a whole explosion opens that wave of freshness that embraces you with subtle effervescent delicacy immediately generates good vibes calm your senses, I fell in love with it by putting it in a sunset watching the ocean on the beach of Long Beach. It left an unforgettable imprint, I am sorry a bit unisex, this is to be enjoyed to enjoy it alone or with good talks with friends and if you go on a trip or vacation, take it with it will be the complement for an excellent memory of those beautiful vacations. I only recommend using in heat

Malchus Callaway
Very Soapy

Smells like Irish Spring.....going to be,a great warm/hot weather scent.

Fresh scent

I never smelled xerjoff nio before because its way too expensive but I heard good things about it. But this one smells good. Remind me of that expensive aftershave with minty cooling feeling. Very refreshing scent with a good performance. Good job

Gary Z.
Three Thumbs Up

Easy on the sprayer - this stuff is potent. There's no need to purchase it's niche counterpart - with the exception of presentation. I hope Alexandria releases some new bottle designs in the future, though there's nothing wrong with the ones they use now. Give this and Luxor summer a try before the warm weathers gone.


Not the best from this house, but still somewhat good. I get a dose of florals with slight citrus, which can be at times quite strong to me, eventually it calms down. After a couple of hours things settle down and does become a nice scent, but just not for me. Never smelt Nio but I've heard great things about it and wanted to give this a shot.