California Winter 2018

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With a burst of saffron, raspberry, and leather, California Winter 2018 whisks you away on a journey into a world of sweet and sultry mixtures. The sweet saffron and berry accord hugs the rich leather note, enhanced by calming jasmine, resinous Frankincense, and a dash of pink pepper. An original creation, California Winter is a versatile fragrance that will have you coming back for repeat visits!

Weather: Any

Time of day: Any

Notes: Saffron, Raspberry, Leather, Pink Pepper, Jasmine, Frankincense

Customer Reviews

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James Ray

Received a sample with my 1981 X purchase, which is amazing, and I immediately purchased it. It is reminiscent of PFM Godolpin, which I own, only IMO California Winter is a sweeter, BETTER fragrance. I am very happy I discovered Alexandria Fragrances so I can add these to my collectiion. Thank you for delivering such quality and value.

Brian Smith
Pharoah's Garden

This is probably my personal favorite. I can't speak to everyone's skin, but on me it's unisex for sure. It's a bright and vibrant leather! The florals open up around a tuscan leather base. Picture taking a walk through a garden that pharoah has made for his Queen. A space for them to both share in a summer day.......that's this smell. Compliment factor....AMAZING! The second I sprayed it and walked outside to go to Kroger, 2 compliments. Love it man!

An unusual reward

I bought this one based on the description of its leather and raspberry accords hoping it would be more like another scent in the Tuscan Leather/La Yuqawam family. When it arrived the floral elements struck me as being quite feminine but in the weeks since the leather note has thickened up considerably and the florals/botanicals now make the overall scent something like a leathery fougere. Familiar enough to be a safe purchase but unusual enough to be totally unique.

Watered down La Yuqawam

This is not a bad scent by any means, it just isn't for me. I fell for the hype after watching reviews on youtube, so when this released on Black Friday I was very excited to pull the trigger on it. People said it was as good, if not better than Hafez 1984, and 1984 happens to be my favorite from this house so I went for it. To me, this smells like a watered down, or much more wearable La Yuqawam by Rasasi. If I didn't have LaYuqawam, I'd probably be more excited about this release. All in all, I'm disappointed, but this will make a great gift for one of my friends. It is the holiday season after all.



This is so gorgeous, I find myself looking for events to wear this to. If a woman wore this I would be entranced. This leans feminine, but I can see a guy in a classic black suit and a styling, white, embossed shirt stunning people as they walk by.