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Campfire Nights Inspired by The he Fireplace

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If you ever wanted a magic potion that gave you that “Cozy Happy Place” feeling, you’ve just found it! Campfire nights is a marvelous concoction of a perfectly balanced cozy feeling in a perfume bottle. Bonfire comes at you like the best bedtime story when you were a kid. Sweet vanilla, cloves, and chestnut, gives off that amazing feeling of the night before Christmas when you were a kid. Oud and Balsam warm you up like the softest heavy blanket. A little nostalgic orange blossom is added to the mix and BAM! Cozy feelings in a bottle, warmth in a cold winter day type of satisfaction. Instant happiness!

Inspired by The he Fireplace!

Notes: Woody-Vanilla-Powdery-Balsamic-Warm Spicy-Aromatic



Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Vicki W
Sweet and Sexy

Wow this is spot on for Replica's By the Fireplace and I have sold and smelt this fragrance at a beauty retailer in Australia for the past 4 years and I love this so much! Smells exactly the same and it performs better and stronger than the original. I will re purchase asap!

Mack daddy
10 second hugs

I have a lot of lady business partners and we regularly give hugs. When I started using this those hugs became 10 second hugs! They couldn't let me go. I need this!

Well Dayum

Sprayed this on my neck the other day and my hoodie must have rubbed up on the spot where I sprayed. Three days later I put this same hoodie on and it still smells like sweet, sweet love. This juice is NICE, and clearly it lasts forever! A must-have for the colder weather.

Holly Roberts
Jaw dropping!!!

Perfection in a bottle!!! I can't get enough of this stuff. OMG! Can't stop smelling myself! I could smell this on my arm the day after I sprayed it! One spray on each arm is all you need! Definitely gonna get myself another bottle!!!!!


At first I didn't like the woody burnt note, but damn this really smells good and it lasts for a long time. You have to use it a couple of times to appreciate it. Overall good scent, I use it more than zion