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Danger Zone Inspired By Roja Dove Danger pour homme

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Class in a bottle. Extremely refined, a true performer, compliment gatherer and an absolute masterpiece. Danger Zone warns you from the minute you spray it that this will be an unforgettable olfaction journey. With notes of vigorous cumin, exotic castoreum, green vetiver, sweet flowers, fresh lemons, calming lavander and manly woody notes, Danger Zone is a complex yet wearable in all situations fragrance. The best way i can define it is pure class in a bottle. An aromatic experience like no other. Sweet, woody, fresh, herbal, bright, sexy. It is everything you could ask for and more.

If you enjoy Roja Dove Danger pour homme you will most likely love Danger Zone.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Slado Delic

Danger Zone Inspired By Roja Dove Danger pour homme

K. Rock
Top Notch Juice

There a difference between Alexandria and other perfumers. More often than not Alexandria is better than the original. There’s no doubt that they use quality materials. This is always Top Notch Juice! I have a ridiculous amount of fragrance but Alexandria is my favorite.

Mark D.
Simply Exquisite

This one is not to be taken lightly. I am a sucker for old school 80s barbershop, ultra masculine fragrances, and this one does not disappoint. The performance is off the charts as it is an all day fragrance. This is best suited for a mature, sophisticated gentleman. This fragrance is the epitome of masculinity and is one that demands respect. The scent is very clean, slightly powdery (very slight), shaving cream-like, woody, fresh, and slightly sweet. I am not one for powdery or sweet fragrances but there is something about this juice that makes it simply exquisite! It makes you feel like you just went to the barber shop and just got a fresh cut and hot shave. An amazing fragrance through and through. The only regret I have is not getting it sooner. Signature scent worthy.


Of the 25 or so creations that I have by Alexandria Fragrances this has to be the most exquisite of all. Without knowing the original Danger pour Homme by Roja I can say that the scent and the performance of Danger Zone by far exceeded my expectations. This masculine, sophisticated scent takes you to a world of pure luxury. The exquisite composition of this fragrance is matched by stellar performance at excellent value for money. Please provide 100 ml bottles of this juice!


Thirst I've found Heritage by Guerlain. Then I've found that Danger by Roja is similar but I didn't had an opportunity to try it. So then I saw this inspiration I was excited to try it and I'm not disappointed. I love Heritage so much that I couldn't believe in existence of a better smelling fragrance. But there is! Not that it smells much better but it is more versatile & maybe more mass appealing. I regret I've ordered 30ml bottle...