Day At The Beach

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Day at the Beach  is the new staple fragrance for Summer! Featuring a tangy in-your-face Sicilian lemon leaf aroma like no other, soothing peach blossom
that feels like a breath of fresh air and green tea leaves to bring a sense of calmness, ready to cool you down instantly. Virginia Cedar from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco
give a masculine touch and thereafter Green lilac and Peony bring a cool breeze under the shade that give you a wholesome experience of pure bliss. Just like a cold beverage on a hot
day, Day at the Beach is a must have this summer and any time you need to chill down and bless others with your captivating, magical scent trail.

Cool like the sea, powerful like the waves and a must have this Summer, Only at Alexandria Fragrances.

Notes: Sicilian Lemon leaf, Green Lilac, Peach Blossom, Peony, Green Tea leaves, Virginia Cedar

Time of day: Day or Hot Nights

Occasion: Semi Formal, Relaxed Setting, Vacation Time, Poolside, Gym.

Customer Reviews

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This is a good one!

I love the smell of this freshy! I can't wait to go on an island vacation so I can wear this. Performance could be a tad bit better, but I understand a scent like this shouldn't be too strong

Ernest Ferrier Jr

The opening notes just hit you and gives you the feeling of “this is what I should smell like at the beach”. It’s a compliment machine and projects really well. The scent trail is crazy too!

Jay Choi
Reminds me of something.

Very nostalgic, I can't remember what I had that smells like this but it definitely wasn't as strong as this one. I wish I had this for my vacation to Cabo. I took Brasilia prive and actually used all of it. But this definitely would have lasted longer strength wise. This is a fresh scent literally like a day at the beach. When I received new release I bought it while I'm Cabo. Alexandria hasn't really let me down with any of my blind buys. They seem to also read my mind cause I just bought AFs version of Dune and I was thinking to myself while at the duty free section if Dior still made it. Oh well AF does now so ill be buying it for now. BTW I already ordered that too.

Last & Last

Hard to find a fresh scent that last but this baby does. Its unique, Pleasant & last. Thought it was a bit girl but has a that masculine touch really nice. Like a light but heavy scent at the same time. I think this bottle would last a while because you wouldn't have to reapply with this bad boy.

darin williams

This is an absolutely amazing scent with the silage and longevity being incredible. I didn’t think I would find a scent that performs as well as black panther but this does and it smells absolutely amazing.