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Dirty Neroli Original Creation




Dirty Neroli id an original creation blasts you into an Italian bathtub full of sweet Neroli and citrus. An almost edible and exotic citrusy gourmand mix that is very unique and attractive.
Powerful raw Italian Neroli oils are experienced through a sweet sugary compound that makes this irresistible and completely yummy.

Sweet, citrus, fresh, well rounded and perfectly blended makes Dirty Neroli by Alexandria Fragrances a must have for the office, cool and warm days where the sun is shining. A very uplifting feeling is brought to me by this fragrance.

If you enjoy fresh fragrances that last a long time and smell very unique, Dirty Neroli is for you!


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nathanael Jasinski
Dirty is the new Clean

This fragrance was misnamed- it is the farthest thing from dirty in the world. It reminds me of staying at a luxury hotel on the beach. The sunscreen, the ocean breeze, sand, the luxury hotel spa, soap, it is all in there. This is a completely unisex scent, just as the beach or an orange tree has no gender. It just smells natural. One of the things I love most about this fragrance is that it doesn't have any of those annoying modern fragrance fixatives (ambroxan, cashmeran, etc) that many houses rely on for longevity in the base. Dirty Neroli manages good performance without going to cheap smelling chemical woodiness after 30 min. Great job Alexandria! Great quality. An excellent summer choice if you want something different than aquatics or short-lived citrus.

Cleanest Dirty around. Love it.

Gorgeous scent.
Bright fresh lightly honey sweet. Excellent neroli and fresh floral and the slightest bit of spicy woods. For this type of scent the performance is spectacular.

Michael S
Best Neroli I’ve experienced

Bought a travel spray to try and after the first spray I ordered a 55ml bottle. Might be the best Neroli frag I’ve ever tried.

Rick Gilchrist
Perfect Office Scent

This has some floral sweetness in the opening. The neroli dies down in the mid. The best way to put this scent is an office friendly high quality bar of soap. It is non offensive, clean, refreshing, and very safe. It also has a sophisticated side to it. Whenever anyone compares a fragrances to soap it turns me off. Don't be turned off by this one. This one makes a statement that says 'I'm fresh and clean but refined.'

Ricardo Martinez
Signature Wear Worthy

Received Dirty Neroli (not to be confused with Dirty Orange) as a sample and immediately loved it and knew I wanted this as my signature wear and would be getting a full bottle. It is to me a masculine versatile scent. Fresh, citrusy, creamy woodsy, yet warm and well-rounded is what comes to mind so it is perfect year round. I have been searching for something like this!