Dirty Orange

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Dive deep into the Calabrian forests in Mediterranean Italy as you are woken up from a calming slumber by the zesty aromas of the neroli trees surrounding you. Bask in all the different succulent natural creations of god that quench your thirst for a refreshing feeling. Sharp bergamot, green neroli, and the highest quality of a salty yet aquatic ambergris scent coming down from the coastal front, magically forming a divine aroma meant only for those lucky enough to be there.

Those very few people that enjoy that exclusive scent of the Calabrian forest want you to be a part of their club. Do not pass up the opportunity of getting closer to nature's perfection and define yourself as the fortunate few to experience this scent. More of our customers are choosing Dirty Orange instead of Creed's Neroli Sauvage!

Notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Neroli, Verbena, Ambergris

Customer Reviews

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Max M
Bright, Light, & Energizing

On the opening you are greeted with a blast of sweet and sour citrus notes. Zesty lemon, sparkling bergamot, and bright grapefruit are the most pronounced for me. It is a fresh zesty lemon, just as if you were to peel the rind and spritz the oils on your skin. In the mids the scent becomes a bit more green, almost as if a twist of lemongrass was infused in a nice cold glass of lemonade, with trails of the neroli orange blossom flower wafting in the wind. The dry down is superb, reminding me as if all the previous notes were muddled by a wooden pestle with a dash of salt thrown in. It must be worn on skin, otherwise it definitely smells like a 'dirty orange'. 9/10 would recommend!

Francis Canway
Master perfumist

Still wondering after 50 fragrances from the perfume genious Hany Hafez what makes him so exceptionally brilliant at this...pls be a skeptic and give this fragrance a shot and you will be hooked for life...came out better the original...common now Hany.

This one caught me by surprise

I've never gotten my nose on Neroli sauvage which this is inspired by so I can't speak on the closeness to it but this one right here is really nice. Great longevity good projection and it smells classy. Citrus juices are nice to my nose but not usually something I find myself wanting to reach gor very often. This one is a definite exception. It has the nice citrus but it's not cloying or super sweet. Its fresh but rich. Its airy but not light. A banger in my book and full bottle purchase worthy

Perfect summer fragrance - better performance than the inspiration

Immediate reminder of summertime around orange groves in FL. Performance is excellent, so if you love Neroli Sauvage but think the performance is weak, here's your answer. Projection is great and sillage is polite. This is a perfect summertime fragrance.