Egyptian Seduction

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Feel the power of attraction with this magical potion we created. Blended with the sexiest, powerful, finest ingredients available in the middle east we present to you the definition of the Egyptian Don Juan. The Casanova. The Egyptian James Bond would wear this. It will make hair grow on your chest and attract everyone's attention to you. Become the center of attention with the magical powers of sweet aged oud, and  pheromone imposing musk, tamed by the amazing sandalwood from the beaches of india, yet shining away brightly with fresh spices and a crisp rose. If you are not ready for attention, DAYS of performance, heavy in your face sexiness. then this is not for you. Not for the faint of heart. Word of advise, go easy on the trigger and be ready to get uninvited attention.

Time of day: Night

Weather: Cold, Cool, Warm


Notes: Sweet aged Oud, Musk, Sandalwood, Fresh Spices, Pepper, Rose Absolu, Egyptian Jasmin, Added Pheromones.

Customer Reviews

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James Killebrew
Revisited 2ml sample.

James here again. It's been a few weeks since my review. I set this aside and just sprayed it again. I own about 120 different scents. Its hard to say from one day to the next which is my favorite, but today I rank this #1, and I'm pulling the trigger on a 55ml. I usually wait for a sale but AF does them far too infrequently so here I go. I have to wear this. An AF OG that tops many of the very best ever that I've tried anyway. I'm on a budget but OH WELL!

James Killebrew
Asked for a 2ml sample

Alexandria original? OMG JUST ORDER IT and thank Hany later. 10 star masterpiece. The notes say it all❤

Mike Shaw
The Good Stuff

This is a Hafez original I purchased a few months back and left untouched until this week... man, I can’t even tell you how good this juice is. This is on par with, if not actually slightly better than Valley of the Kings by AF this gets the edge because it’s original... but it’s got mad projection and crazy longevity and scent is absolutely amazing! Full bottle and blind buy worthy...
It’s definitely a cold weather beast!

Narvell Benning
The One

This is a fragrance that will make you feel like you're sitting in a Pyramid with a black robe on getting fed grapes by the most beautiful women in the world. This is no exaggeration. It's classy, sophisticated, smooth, earthy, seductive, incense, tobacco, honey, love, and some things that draw you closer. Just my take. It's definitely #OYAB

Deyron A. Infante
I STILL don’t know what exactly happened but...

This was my first ALexandria Fragrance I purchased. I seen some reviews about the house so I wanted to see what the hype was all about.. Egyptian Seduction had a catchy name and the notes seem to be down my lane.. when I first sprayed it I HATED the smell, to me it smelled like old man, the uod and sandal wood was just unbearable. Second day .. I said hell with it, I sprayed it for work.. For some reason when this fragrance hit the outside air it smelled CRAZY GOOD.. after a couple hours I still got whiffs of it and each time it smelled even better... if you are thinking of purchasing take the chance on this one... it’s a bit different but it smells amazing.. Hany pulling of that scent voodoo good work.