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Executive Aoud Inspired By Roja Dove H Exclusive Aoud

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"Sensual, Luxurious and Addictive"

These are the only words i can find to describe this beauty in a bottle. It opens with a fresh blast of bergamot and oregano that screams uniqueness. In the middle you find rare Rose de Mai and Jasmin from Grasse. These two beauties introduce the powerful base that includes Patchouli, Super refined Oud of the finest quality, relax inducing Valerian and a bit of Birch to darken the setting.

If you are an Oud lover. This is a must have. You don't know what you are missing until you have had the honor of placing your nose into this masterpiece. An absolute dream!

If you enjoy Roja Dove H Exclusive Aoud you will adore Alexandria Fragrances Exclusive Oud.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Smells super expensive!

This is good stuff. If you like oud, especially Roja Dove's creations, this is a not-to-be-missed!

Bill Liggon
Pure Luxury

This is something that while wearing this you will feel like one million dollars. This is a high class scent but you don’t need to have a suit and tie on. Do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle.

If a lion wore perfume, this would be it

This is another fragrance from my Labor Day haul of Dubai Lifestyle (must have), Agar Wood Intense, and Burj Khalifa (must have). Let me start by saying this fragrance is only for the Oud connoisseurs, and not for those just exploring it. The is strong and potent Oud but NOT pungent. I love it because it brings that calming feeling of "one with nature" unique to Oud. Furthermore, I've lived in the Gulf states and this scent takes me decades ago bringing flashbacks of my adolescence, and it will be my signature scent on Friday afternoons.

Most people will not understand this review because it is personal to me, but if anyone out there knows and loves real Oud, this will not disappoint you....10/10.

Alan McQuillan

This is a smokey & fruity scent. Smells like smoke from a campsite mixed with a small shop that sells incense. These two notes slowly merge together as one in this fragrance. There is something so familiar with this scent, and I wish it was more potent.