Alexandria Fragrances

Executive Aoud

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"Sensual, Luxurious and Addictive"

These are the only words i can find to describe this beauty in a bottle. It opens with a fresh blast of bergamot and oregano that screams uniqueness. In the middle you find rare Rose de Mai and Jasmin from Grasse. These two beauties introduce the powerful base that includes Patchouli, Super refined Oud of the finest quality, relax inducing Valerian and a bit of Birch to darken the setting.

If you are an Oud lover. This is a must have. You don't know what you are missing until you have had the honor of placing your nose into this masterpiece. An absolute dream!

If you enjoy Roja Dove H Exclusive Aoud you will adore Alexandria Fragrances Exclusive Oud.

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