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Executive Order Original Creation

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You wanted SEXY?

Well we created a SEXY MONSTER of a fragrance crushing both, Zion and Boardroom in a bottle and slapping some more sexiness to it by perfectly blending its components into one of the most attractive scents you will ever smell. Citrus notes, Leather, Spicy, Fresh, Aquatic, Manly, all into one.

This is your new "Wing-man" when you go out anywhere you need to feel and be attractive. A must have for any serious man that desires a seriously sexy fragrance.


Yes... Sexy is the most used word in this description cause it totally is!


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Wilshawnda Reese
Top 3 !!

The compliments won’t stop coming when you wear this Beautiful mixture…

Ebiowei Kanwei
Crowd pleaser

8 reviews ? This by far is one of Hany's most outstanding blend...well put together oozing out trail of class in the air with its projection...if i could give one more star without doubt it is well deserved...way to go Hany!!!

Knows Notes
Worth the wait...

I've been waiting for this fragrance for some time now, and to be honest, I thought they scrapped the idea altogether. I recently ran out of Zion and needed a new bottle. Fortunately, I saw Executive Order and quickly added both to my cart. At first sniff, I got PDM Layton Exclusif vibes, but after a few wears, I started picking up those Zion vibes. Overall, Executive Order has been a hit with my wife and co-workers. Solid projection, sillage, and longevity; about 6 - 8 hours on skin and longer on clothes. Definitely recommend it, and I plan on purchasing another bottle.

Luis Garcia
Awesome & great projection!

Really nice rendition of 2 of the most loved fragrances out there for summer time. Well done Mr Hani ! Keep rocking

Jose Gomez
Máquina 4x4 y Versátil

Salida súper cítrica, como cascara de limón recién rayado, con bastante vetiver, y toques verdes. Es una fragancia ultra versátil , 4x4 todo terreno y pues como en la mayoría de las Alexandria, Hafez y todo su equipo realizan un excelente trabajo no sé como lo hacen pero es magia pura, he tenido oportunidad de probar la Elysium por decant vial 5 ml porque no voy a pagar toda la botella (si, es rica, pero la duración un suspiro para todo lo que vale), por office tampoco pagaré su exagerado costo, recuerden que aquí son inspiraciones y no son clones, tienen su propio toque personal pero déjenme decirles que se acercan mucho (para el público común el aroma va ser igual), Executive Order con mejor performance y superando por mucho el hype desorbitado que generan los “tubers” que se montan al tren de exclusividad.

Con 8 puff llenan la habitación y el hogar queda inundado del aroma, van a dejar un estela por muchas horas. Son extractos de perfumes y se adhieren muy bien en la piel aguantado toda una jornada laboral.

Buen rendimiento, buena duración.
Un sólido 8/10