Fleur Blanche

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Fleur Blanche A unisex spicy, white floral and woody composition made of Jasmin, Lilly and Sichuan Pepper enobodied by a sweet Tuberose/Cacao mix that is subdued by the creamny Tonka bean, animalic Musk, dense Suede Leather and luxurious Agawood(oud) note. A monstrous sillage is everpresent when Fleur Blanche is worn, captivating its surroundings an inch at a time. A truly hypnotizing white flower gourmand that is so versatile, that it can be used year round in any setting. Complex, yet sophisticated
Fleur Blanche brings everything to the table and then some.

Our customers prefer Fleur Blanche 9/10 than Tom Ford's Tuberose Nue.

Notes: Jasmine, Lilly, Sichuan Pepper (TOP) Tuberose, Styrax, Benzoin and Cacao (MIDDLE) Suede, Musk, Tonka Bean and Agarwood (BOTTOM)

Time of year: Any
Day/Night: Both