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Hafez Exclusive Original Creation

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" Have you ever been told or felt that you look fresh? Dressed to the nines ready to go take on the night. You know you look good, you picture yourself pickin' up all the ladies. You unbotton an extra few buttons on your shirt just to show how manly you are and how fresh you feel. This feeling is what you get from Hafez Exclusive. Creamy and luxurious Sandalwood gathers all his friends to this party. Sweet ripe passion fruit gives your neck and chest an almost edible feelings for the ladies. Soft and balancing tuberose lets them know you have a tender heart inside this manly figure. Spicy cinnamon explodes from your skin alluring those around you like a magic spell. Woody and dark Cedar and Patchouli play the perfect partner in crime shooting testosterone out of your pores, making you an Alpha male, while the rough edges are rounded off with sweet and wet jasmine and geranium. This fragrance is exclusive for us. A sandalwood lovers dream! The Alexandria gents that love to smell amazing, that love attention and live for standing out.

Cheers lads!

Welcome to the gentleman's club.

Notes: Fruity-Cinnamon- Tuberose- Woody- Fresh Spicy 


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
William Posey
Awesome Fragrance

Better than expected!!! You will get compliments!

Dennis Mauricio
Gorgeous creation!

I love Hany's original creations!I own Hafez 1984 & Hafez exclusive and they're awesome!!!


Very elegant scent. Nothing like hafez 1984, I think I personally prefer this to 1984.
Very strong, great longevity, I'd say at least 7 hours, great projection too.
It's definitely warm spicy and fresh spicy, slightly powdery.
I don't necessarily get the "floral" jasmine or tuberose although I'm sure it's there just blends well to create a unique scent that the best way to describe it is elegant and classy.
Not necessarily a dressed up scent.

Wearing this as it dries I got some similarities to no apologies (the nassamoto pardon clone from Alexandria), which I really like, probably in the top 5 of 150+ I've sampled from Alexandria. Hafez exclusive is definitely not pardon or no apologies, but shares a similar vibe, but greener and slightly powdery.

I see passion fruit listed as a note, but I don't detect that, I'm familiar with the scent of passion fruit, I bake/make pastries with passion fruit concentrate and it's very distinct. Perhaps a slight tartness in the top notes? Is attributed to the passion fruit but not sweet or fruity.

I sampled this first, and had a tough time deciding when and where to wear it thinking it may be a bit challenging, although after spraying it on, it's just beautiful. I debated buying a bottle and when I finally did, every time I thought about putting it on I smell the sprayer and keep thinking, "I don't know this might be challenging to wear right now" but then once I decided to put it on, same reaction and feeling is this is such a beautifully elegant scent and makes me not really concerned about situational appropriateness, just really enjoy smelling it especially as it dries down although the opening is just as wonderful.

Overall really like this one, very different from hafez 1984, I like 1984, I have a bottle of that as well although it sometimes feels a little too much with the tobacco and sweetness and can come across like a candle, for me it's not as versatile as the exclusive. Exclusive may not be very versatile for everyone, I feel like most people might consider this a dressed up scent but personally I would wear it where ever if just in the mood for it.

Great scent, I waited quite a while before trying the Alexandria originals but definitely worth sampling this and some of the other Alexandria originals.

Nathanael Jasinski
AF can make amazing originals

So much more than a mere clone house, and this fragrance proves why. Mr Hafez can hold his own! Great scent with its own vibe. It’s smooth and addicting. I’m enjoying this one tremendously.

Best Of the house?

I have tried a ton of AF fragrances, this beats or competes with all of them in terms of scent, quality, blend, uniqueness and sexiness!

The original DNA HAFEZ 1984 is here, but it goes into a sexy direction, bold, sexy, reserved and unique!

This deserves a special bottle!