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H'ANI Inspired By Ani By Nishane




The most gorgeous and realistic vanilla note in the game! H'Ani comes at you with not just a vanilla lover's dream, but its complexity makes this one a work of art! Creamy sweet lemon, spicy pink pepper to warm things up. H'Ani brings a buffet of the best notes in the world to the table to balance this powerbomb out. Patchouli, musk, cardamom, and green notes become the cradle of this ultimate unisex fragrance. A MUST HAVE for everyone, men, women, whatever! H'Ani was put on God's green earth for everyone everywhere to enjoy!

Inspired by Ani by Nishane 

Top Notes - Bergamot, Green Notes, Ginger and Pink Pepper

Middle Notes - Black Currant, Turkish Rose and Cardamom

Base Notes - Patchouli, Cedar, Vanilla, Benzoin, Ambergris, Musk and Sandalwood


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

My favorite note is vanilla. This is a sweet vanilla seductive fragrance. Simply beautiful to me. I love it

Gerard Harrison
10 out of 10

I never smelled the original but this stuff is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. If you want compliments… you want this one right here. This is so masterfully blended and just stunning to experience. I was amazed with Luxor Summer and Across the Universe… this is in another league. You MUST try this cologne. This is strictly to impress. I think I’ll only wear it in the bedroom or at the strip club. This is a true panty dropper.

My favorite!

I ordered a 10ml of H'Ani amongst several others. Instantly, ipon spraying it, I fell in love. I've gone through several bottles already! I even ordered a sample of Ani by Nishane from another vendor and knew I'd found a gem in Alexandria Fragrances as H'Ani is a perfect, affordable duplication. I love this fragrance and I wear it often. It is Heavenly!

Damn good!

Love this fragrance. Has been hit while I've been out and about. Has decent projection and longevity on both clothes and skin, which is rare for me. Definitely getting another bottle for sure.

Lovely and unisex

I love the pink pepper and ginger forward blast on the top toes. Very in your face for the first few minutes till things start to settle. The vanilla is beautiful and it’s well blended with a creamy elegant finish. Its almost reminiscent of a Pepsi vanilla cola in the most refined way possible. I would personally prefer the balance to be more spice and less of the vanilla. But I’m sure plenty others would disagree and find the balance perfect as it is. As it dries down, it softens into a sweet creamy vanilla with a faint lingering spice.