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Happiest Aoud Inspired By Initio Oud For Happiness

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Happiest Aoud is a herbacious oud combo with some zesty Ginger. Definitely a different fragrance than the mass appeal ones, while being unisex and 
versatile. This fragrance has a very powerful performance as it stays on for all day and night. With an almost botanical feel yet moderately fresh and sweet due to the Ginger and Bergamot
notes. The Oud in Happiest Aoud feels like it was bathed in sugar, candied in a way that makes it so much more bearable and sexy. This scent is a head turner and a definite
puller of "Who and what smells so good in here". Happiest Aoud should definitely be in your rotation for special days and sexy nights.

Inspired By Initio Oud For Happiness.

Notes: Bergamot, Ginger, Licorice, Cedar, Oud, Musk, Vanilla, Herbal Notes

Time of day: Any

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A burst of positivity

This has a very similar core to oud for greatness. I love the initial burst of mandarin orange, it’s so happy and vibrant. I wouldn’t think that orange and oud would make such a happy pairing but it really works. There’s also a lovely subtle ginger note that plays a wonderful supporting role throughout the dry down even after the stronger initial notes of citrus fade. I think I like this even more than the oud for greatness clone as the orange and ginger notes here give more complexity to the character, but I’d say you wouldn’t need to buy both as there is so much of an overlap in the oud notes with both fragrances.

Jose Rivera
Here is Happiness

very good option if you do not want to pay $380 out of your bag my first impressions feel a little fresher more green and after 30 minutes the freshness levels off and is closer to the oud for happiness, very good option good materials I recommend it!! Thanks Hany I was waiting for this baby. Of course there is happiness here ✋🤙👍👌