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Highlands (Solid Fragrance) Inspired By Creed Bois De Portugal

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Highlands - You just got invited to the most exclusive white tie event of the year. Highlands will be your +1. It caresses your body with a magical and astronomical amount of class. Out of its every spray the most effortlessly masculine fragrance demands attention with every whiff. You just became the center of attention. A classy almost regal gentleman is born within you and you start to shine immediately! The creamy, extremely rare Mysore Sandalwood at the base transports you to the ancient Buçaco Forest, home to one of the finest dendrological collections in the world. Lavender accompanies the sandalwood and freshens up the air, leaving an almost aroma therapeutic feeling of calmness. Spices and Ambergris join the composition as the greatest symphony you have ever heard. You and those around you are left astonished. Never leave home again without your +1.Highlands is inspired by creed Bois De Portugal.


Notes: Woody-Aromatic-Fresh Spicy-Powdery-Floral-Balsamic