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Italian Caramel Inspired By Xerjoff Italica.

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Milk, almond cookies filled with silky toffee. Yum! I say that if anybody smelled like this I would become the cookie monster or the sweet tooth Dracula and take a bite from their delicious smelling neck! (Just Kidding!) This delicious mix is the gourmands lover dream! Woody, Sweet, Smooth, Silky, Creamy deliciousness makes the most delicious gourmand fragrance you have ever placed your nose on. Unbelievable realistic Italian almond and caramel cookies and milk. Words aren’t even capable of describing how good this scent truly is. Simply .

Inspired by Xerjoff Italica.


Notes: Sweet-Woody-Almond-Vanilla-Warm Spicy-Milky


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Sara Williams
I'm tired of bragging on Alexandria Fragrances...

They did it again! Italian Caramel is now one of my favorite go-to perfumes this fall! Yummy, delicious, gooey caramel...It has that slight powdery undertone with the almond note - But, over all it is like Dulce De Leche in a bottle...Yet not too sweet! Trust me if you are a Gourmand lover like myself - You NEED this one! Great Job!


I first got this one in the sample spray. It blew my mind because it is such an addictive smell. Keep in mind I have never smelt the original but if it smells anything like this, I am 100% sure it smells amazing. It reminds me of almond cookies drizzled with caramel. Every time i just smell the nozzle I say to myself OMG. If you like sweet fragrances, if you enjoy gourmands, if you like to smell delicious.....BUY IT NOW!!!!

Love Italica

This is truly a toffee masterpiece.

Kris Merriman
Damn Near Perfect

I just received this most delicious fragrance, and thankfully I had a sample of the real thing (Italica). I think Edward is a little more of a harsh critic than I, but to my nose, this is a damn near smack dab clone of the real thing. I got maybe 95-98% closeness. I must always stress though, if you can afford it, buy the real fragrance, but if you are more judicious with money like myself, get this. I am uber impressed with Alexandria! Thank you Alexandria for bringing excellence of inspirations of the authentic fragrance they are inspired by. I can now delve into the wealth of awesome fragrances I would never been able to have experienced otherwise. By my count, I have about 50 more Alexandria fragrances to get travel samples of so i can limit which of them I want to buy full bottles of. Italian Caramel will definitely be one of them!

K. Wyatt
Absolutely love it!

I know I should wait for the season to change and temperatures to drop, but I can’t…I love Italian Caramel too much to wait! I receive compliments every time I wear it! For true gourmand lovers, it doesn’t get better than this beauty!