Italian Caramel

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Milk, almond cookies filled with silky toffee. Yum! I say that if anybody smelled like this I would become the cookie monster or the sweet tooth Dracula and take a bite from their delicious smelling neck! (Just Kidding!) This delicious mix is the gourmands lover dream! Woody, Sweet, Smooth, Silky, Creamy deliciousness makes the most delicious gourmand fragrance you have ever placed your nose on. Unbelievable realistic Italian almond and caramel cookies and milk. Words aren’t even capable of describing how good this scent truly is. Simply Delicious!

Our clients prefer Italian Caramel 9/10 times more than Xerjoff Italica.


Notes: Sweet-Woody-Almond-Vanilla-Warm Spicy-Milky

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Edward Heard
Must Have

Okay. as I write this review I want to keep readers in mind that my favorite scents are: Creed Aventus, Creed Silver Mountain Water, YSL Tuxedo and Bacarrat Rouge 540. All those scents are different, but I always find myself trying to venture out and add more to my collection that have staying power. Italian Caramel (Xerjoff Italica inspired) is an insanely gifted fragrance. It is very complex and to my nose one of the best 5 fragrances I've ever smelled. I'm blown away by the projection and it's something that immediately wears well. I personally like to buy the inspiration off Alexandria Fragrances and if I like the sample enough, I'll buy a big bottle of the authentic and keep buying AF version to keep the authentic bottle as long as possible. I bought the original today, and although the original is a little different (even better), the AF version is so very good that owning both is a must for me. This is a SMASH. Alexandria got it right with this one! I NEVER say blind buy anything, but I'm not sure how you can be disappointed with this scent unless you want 100% of the original. In my opinion this is about 85% of the original at opening and about 100% of the original at dry down. This is some insane juice! The best gourmand ever.

William Hall
Stunning Fragrance

It truly is a work of art

Zidan Luo
Milky sweet

At first, I thought the opening was too sharp for me so I decided to let it sit for two weeks. Now I'm lovin' it! Definitely a milky heaven.

Italian caramel

Wow those this smell simply beautiful ? Ofcourse it does and I was totally blown away how simply delicious this smells.......exactly what it names says milk almond cookies filled with silky toffee. first I got something like an almond nuts coffered in icing sugar. .the the milk appears and smells exactly like almomd milk.....the toffee vanilla appears in the next 5 to 10 minutes or so and omg beautiful the woods appears like 3 to 4 hours and they are not strong at all I also get a little bit of saffron in the openiNg witch add a nice soft spices touch bravo to this masterpiece 95 to 98 close to italica 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Italian caramel

I finally have put my nose on this beautiful smooth delicious gourmand one of the best gourmand alive ....this is simply delicious and exactly as its name says milk almond cookies filled with silky toffee I am totally blown away.....the opening is exactly like italica strong scent of almond milk and hint of saffron the toffee and vanilla appears much later and the woods in the drydowm add a nice woodsy touch and the most dominant notes are the almond caramel powder sugar and milk ....well done alexandria 👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥