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Key Of Life Inspired By Roja's United Arab Emirates

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Key of Life is exuberant and luxurious composition created from the most sumptuous raw materials, sensual like a love letter.... Bergamot and artemisia are joined by exquisite bouquet of florals - jasmine, ylang ylang, geranium and rose, further freshened by blackcurrant buds, where melange of spices, such as cloves, pink pepper and cumin add extra dimension to his masterful blend. It's base is ultra soft and sensual composition of guaiac and oud, patchouli, benzoin, labdanum and musk. Rich, complex and unapologetic. Inspired by Roja's United Arab Emirates!

Time of day: Anytime

Weather: Any 

Notes: Rose, Balsamic, Warm Spices, Oud, Musk, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Bergamot


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jimmy Santos
A marvelous scent

A fresh bouquet of citrus and florals a spicy blend with a warmth of woods and incense.

holly S.

I wholeheartedly agree with JFerns review about this fragrance ! When I first tried it, I wasn't to sure if I would like it. Then, after leaving it to "sit & settle" for almost 2 weeks I tried it again....OMG, I absolutely LOVE Key of life. That being said, I've noticed the same thing with the other perfumes in my sample pack. They ALL keep getting better with time, so if you aren't crazy about the fragrances on the first try ...PLEASE...let them sit for a little while :) You will be amazed.
Key Of Life is so well blended (the mark of FINE perfumes) that is hard to identify specific notes but they all work together beautifully. I almost didn't try it because of the pink pepper....not familiar with that scent. Don't be afraid ! It is SO unique and lovely, totally unisex. I've never tried the inspiration of this perfume so I don't know how they compare but this is a wonderful fragrance that stands on it's own legs !

Oussama Elkadiri

Very nice indeed!

Ugly duckling who grew up to be Prom Queen!

This is a fragrance that thought me a lesson about trying and wearing your fragrances out 1 or more times before making assumptions on if this scent is for you.

My first time smelling this scent was a half a second decision that this is not for me but soon after my first initial spray on PAPER I tried it on skin and I was amazed and really surprised on how much I enjoyed its uniqueness. Soon after I was wearing it out and enjoying it more and more.

This fragrance is beast and can easily last on skin or clothes literally ALL DAY! So I suggest going easy on the trigger.
I even got wiffs of this scent in the shower the following morning after a wear so don't be surprised!

Al Obaidi
Great scent for Oud lovers!

This is one of the best/long lasting scents period! I do like oud scents and this one is very potent oud scent that is equipped with rose. If you are not into this mixture then try the royalty fragrance by Af..the last one is just a smooth oud scent that will take you far away in your memories and brings you back to build new ones from the first couple of sprays.