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Medalist Inspired By Chanel's Allure Homme Sport

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Push yourself to go further, run harder, and win more often with Medalist, a beautifully fresh and zesty fragrance that is perfect for when you need to be at your best. Orange and Blood Mandarin notes burst in the opening spray, electrified with aquatic sea and sharp ginger notes. A dash of black pepper spices things up, while a bed of woodsy cedar and warm amber add shades of depth to the bouquet. Medalist is for winners.

Inspired  by Chanel's Allure Homme Sport!

Weather: warm

Time of day: any

Notes: Orange, Sea Notes, Aldehydes, Blood Mandarin, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Pepper, Neroli, White Musk, Cedar, Amber, Vetiver, Elemi resin


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kiernan Hayes
Fantastic Scent

It's not an identical match to the Chanel but it's a fantastic Scent on it's own, my only gripe would be the performance but my gf really enjoys the scent as well

Tried both. This is better.

I came to Alexandria Fragrance specifically looking for a more reasonable take on Allure Homme Sport. The orange/vanilla/tonka combo is my favorite reach for summer. "Medalist" is a stand alone example of a versatile summer frag that lasts and projects better than its inspiration. Kudos to the artist here!


Hany Nailed it again! This is a beautiful and potent rendition of Allure Homme Sport!!!

Fresh orange Tonka bean☝️🔥

Very fresh orange Tonka bean of ocean sea, very refreshing and the Tonka bean and vanilla adds wonder

Great smell.. subpar performance

I’d have to agree with Kerinan… This stuff smells fantastic! I was looking for a back up bottle for Versace signature and was told this stuff smells just like it so i asked for a bottle for my birthday. I got my gift and immediately sprayed it on. Was blown away at how close it was to Versace signature. However after about 45 mins I didn’t smell anything. I thought I was just nose blind. I asked my wife when I got home and she said there was nothing there. I’m going to let it sit a while longer and see what happens. However it’s already sat for at least 10 weeks. Kinda upset about it.