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Megatron Inspired By Megamare

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Megatron - A masterly made beast from the sea. Megatron comes at you with the power of poseidon and zeus together with incredible and refreshing aquatic notes and a touch of musk to combine everything together into a gorgeous manly blend.
With the power of the sea Megatron makes a serious statement as the most powefull aquatic scent you have ever tried. Bold and Strong this fragrance is ready to make a statement.
If you like Orto P Megamare you will love Megatron.
Notes: Aquatic Notes (Mysterious)
Time of day: Day

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Carlos C.

This is such a gorgeous, well blended powerhouse. Amazing performance on my skin. This also leaves an enticing scent trail in your wake that will have people trying to find who smells so good. Great job on this high quality gem. Keep those bangers coming.

darin williams
Megatron is absolutely amazing

I cannot put into words how amazing this is. I have more than 20 different Alexandria fragrances and I am going to say this is absolutely my favorite. I can’t stop smelling my wrist. I definitely recommend for a blind buy

Great Fragrance

blind buy for me but a wonderful fragrance, highly recommended.

must be this cool to ride

You think I would have learned by now not judge an Alexandria creation on first spray. Initially, I thought this was unwearable. The musk was just overpowering in an almost animalic way, feeling chaotic and unbalanced. BUT after macerating, I had a very different experience.

The juice mellowed out significantly and the salt and musk blend well to give a more rounded effect. This is definitely more marine rather than aquatic (in my opinion), but more so in a cold metallic way than an algae-forward way. Contrary to other reviewers, I didn't get much citrus and I'm happy for that as it keeps the direction focused. It's still potent as I initially felt, but also wearable. I feel like it stands out in a good way. While it may not be for everyone and it's not the most complex profile, I do find it interesting and appealing, for those who like stepping outside the box every now and then.

It's a bit reminiscent of a personal favorite, TF Oud Minerale, but a bit more aloof and musky.

Can't stop smelling it

This scent is INCREDIBLE I don't usually go out of my way to leave reviews but MAN I was blown away here, I got a sample with my order of interplay & the aquatic notes are done to perfection, & the musk is beautiful. Not sure of all the notes but everything is just blended in harmony. You spray it on & its not going ANYWHERE lol 10/10 performance. Smells like you're flying over the ocean 😎 Super Neesh quality