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Moonlight in Paradise Inspired By Kilian Moonlight in Heaven

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A full moon shed a ray of light in the middle of the ocean as the waves start to dance to this moonlit paradise. Two lovers started watching from high above and started dancing to the music of their hearts and to the sound of the ocean, their hearts started pounding and glowing from emotion as desire grows in the air in this moonlight serenade of romance.

This summer romance features a creamy coconut-laced and syrupy mango that tickles your senses layered beneath fine citruses and grapefruit notes for a fine exotic and spicy treat. As time slowly passes by vetiver and Tonka bean come to take you to the dry down to this tropical love story. Inspired by Kilian Moonlight in Heaven!

Notes: Mango, Coconut, Grapefruit, Rice, Vetiver, Pink Pepper, Tonka Bean, Lemon

Time of day: any


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marie S L
Fresh and beautiful

Fresh and beautiful fragrance, perfect for summer.


This is amazing! I’m extremely impressed with the quality of the fragrance, it’s spot on! At initial spray it’s very citrusy but the dry down is beautiful after a few minutes. I sprayed Kilian’s Moonlight in Heaven and I can’t tell the difference. Definitely ordering the larger bottle when this runs out! Customer for life and this was one of my first purchases!

Francis kanwei
What a dunk!!!

Slam freaking dunk! Comparing both as i type...Hany deserves an award to be this consistent in his clone!! Spot on identical..way to go Hany!!! Give up y'all!!!!Feeling really good

Robert Mulero
Elegant Tropical

Hany this is a Dope fragrance if this is what the original smells like, man it's damn good, hopefully you keep dropping gems like this and if you can make Xerjoff 1861 that would be dope

A Aviance
Smells Great but Doesn't Last Long

This is a wonderful, relaxing, extremely pleasant scent but unless you've just put it on, others may not smell it much. It doesn't have the lasting power that most Alexandria scents I've tried so far have.