Moonlight in Paradise

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A full moon shed a ray of light in the middle of the ocean as the waves start to dance to this moonlit paradise. Two lovers started watching from high above and started dancing to the music of their hearts and to the sound of the ocean, their hearts started pounding and glowing from emotion as desire grows in the air in this moonlight serenade of romance.

This summer romance features a creamy coconut-laced and syrupy mango that tickles your senses layered beneath fine citruses and grapefruit notes for a fine exotic and spicy treat. As time slowly passes by vetiver and Tonka bean come to take you to the dry down to this tropical love story.

Moonlight in paradise is beautifully crafted to give you the aura of By Kilian Moonlight in Heaven, be sure to try it for a royal treat of this exotic beauty.

Notes: Mango, Coconut, Grapefruit, Rice, Vetiver, Pink Pepper, Tonka Bean, Lemon

Time of day: any

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