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Motherhood Original Creation





The universal feeling of motherhood comes in a bottle this Mother’s Day.

Motherhood by Alexandria Fragrances is an original creation depicted by Hany as to how it feels to be hugged by a mother, through a scent.

In this beautiful concoction of mesmerizing Bulgarian Rose, Indonesian Oud, bright bergamot and the most subtle white musk, make this composition a very warm,uplifting and everlasting special experience, just like a mother’s hug feels.

This unisex fragrance is composed of the highest grade ingredients available. Very natural and nostalgic fragrances from all over the world, bring you an experience like no other. You just won't be able to stop smiling when wearing this.

Notes: Indian rose , Indonesian Oud, Bergamot, White Musk, tropical flowers, vanilla, ambergris 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Motherhood Original Creation

I absolutely love this one! To me, it smells very similar to Roses Vanille by Mancera except that this one has Bergamot rather than lemon so it has a slightly more sour note than Roses Vanille (just in its opening.) This note settles down within a few minutes to absolute perfection throughout the rest of the wear. I much prefer it to Roses Vanille and it lasts longer. The sillage is strong on this one and it lasts the entire day with just a spray or two...even longer if you spray it on clothing. Well done!

Mariana Lien

Beautiful perfume, nice and long lasting


This scent embodies comfort & strength all in the same. Its long lasting and sweet. Feminine in my opinion. The opening makes me think of roses covered in crystalized sugar.

Perfect name

I don’t know how they did it, but this perfume is the smell of motherhood. The scent just reminds me of mom. Every mother would love this one as a gift. It’s uniquely beautiful

What Being A Mom Smells Like

Absolutely phenomenal, Hany! Wow! I've purchased a lot of samples and a few full bottles. You obviously have a gift because it's difficult to score a perfect 10 almost every time.

You know what's in this bottle? Heart. Passion. Dedication. Strength. When I saw the name, I had to get the bottle. Having just smelled it (knowing it's only going to get better), I absolutely love it.

It's a warm scent, without being spicy. It's a strong scent without being stringent. It's a comforting scent, without being sappy soft.

This is the strength of Motherhood! Love it! A scent for this season-- my theme scent.

Some of these fragrances need to become VERY popular....this is one of those!