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Mr. Roboto



Mr Roboto is the next "panty dropper" fragrance that every man should wear when they go out. Crowd pleaser, sexy and long lasting, Mr Roboto is your new wingman.
With notes of special Lavander, fresh Lemon Zest and unique Amalfi Lemon, Mr Roboto shines when you walk in. Crisp green apple and smokey notes provide a masculine
scent that play along with green vetiver and sweet vanilla to create the most sexy aura around you. The tripple Lavender on top, middle and bottom of this fragrance keep
the vibe of the classic masculine sex appeal throughout the life of this monster. If you want the ladies, you want Mr Roboto. Simple as that!

Most of our customers like Mr Roboto more than Phantom by Paco 9/10 times.

Time of day: Going out

Notes: Lavender x 3, Lemon Zest, Amalfi Lemon, Apple, Smoke, Patchouli, Vanilla, Vetiver.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Samuel Hemple
Love this scent

Sweet scent. A must in the summer

Dm Ancruem
Unbelievably dense, powerful, relaxing and refreshing!

Wow...where to start...I'm completely blown away...goodness...Good lord this smells so deliciously grand

1. Shipping & Cost:
An unbelievably amazing value for what you receive! And the shipping...omg...arrived on my doorstep in literally 2 days! I originally expected it to take a week coming cross-country, but no...exactly two days as stated on their bill of sale!!! That is service that you rarely see these days! Customer service questions over the email were quick, accurate and polite...another rare trait with companies these days. Consider me a permanent customer!! This is the best value and quality that I have found thus far in my fragrance journey of the past 2 years.
2. Packaging:
Wooooow...this is high-tier packaging! The bottle comes in a slipcover style presentation box with lettering embossed in gold!! Taking off the top cover, you're presented with your beautiful bottle of fragrance and a nice bloom of the scent as well. (How they managed that I can't figure out) I knew this packaging was special when my wife attempted to abscond with the box in hand.
Honestly, Out of all the boxes I've received with fragrances...THIS ONE is getting kept!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! And the blue with wood-grain top and gothic grey-black labelling...just beautiful!
3. The Fragrance:
Oh...My...Goodness....this is SOOOO MUCH BETTER than the original fragrance!! Alexandria Fragrances has somehow figured out how to recreate the already amazing fragrance of Phantom...BUT WITHOUT THE "DIRT" NOTE!!! Literally, the one thing I disliked AT ALL about Phantom...they have fixed!! I have been in love with this fragrance for a little over a week now after I first smelled it in "Boscov's" and took a test-strip home with me. Now that I have it, I'm sitting here in lavender/vanilla heaven and I cannot stop smelling myself and the napkin I put a spray on. The formulation of this fragrance is rock-solid stable, it's smelling the same on my skin as it does on the napkin with just a liiiiittle more brightness coming from the napkin. The main part that I'm here for, the Citrus/Vanilla/Lavender combo, is consistent across platforms and this WILL be my new signature scent for 2022/2023!!
I'm going to wear it out tomorrow and see how it's received, also beginning planning for back up bottles of this magnificent creation.

My sincere and utmost thanks to the creator of this amazingly heavenly have made me a happy man (And a return customer)!!
I am adopting your company as my primary fragrance house for CONUS purchases.


Marvin Smith
Mildly sweet and addictive

Wife really loves this one as do I after a 6-7 hours I can still smell it close to my skin

John Pikula
Panty Dropper for sure 🔥 🔥 🔥

Major compliments and long lasting! They were spot on with this product! Looking forward to going out again and wearing this! Totally Awesome!!

Jay C
Just like phantom

Smells just like phantom except it's stronger