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Mystere #29 Inspired By Le Labo's Noir 29




Mystere 29 is a deep and complex fragrance that plays a ying yang role into this abyss of a fragrance. Deep with cedar wood, musk and black tea leaf, freshened up with citric bergamot, sweet and dark fig and fragrant bay leaves. This monster of a fragrance transforms itself into the dry down to a very sensual and addictive essence, while the very realistic tobacco note sways around your aura. If you enjoy Le Labo's Noir 29, you will LOVE Mystere 29s power and loudness. Not for the faint of heart!

Inspiration :  Le Labo's Noir 29

Notes: Bergamot, Fig, Black tea leaf, bay leaf, musk, vetiver, hay tobacco, cedar wood.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mystere #29

Identical to le labo noir 29 last long and great protection.

K. Rock

This fragrance is amazing. There’s no other way to describe it. Better than the original.


This is scent is on point. Everything I could have hoped for and more. Nailed the fig and tea combo and great performance. I own this and the original, buy Mystere.


This juice is amazing! I'm not experienced/sophisticated enough yet with my fragrance descriptions to tell you what it smells like...but I just know the smell is SO addicting and unlike anything else in my collection. I cannot stop smelling my hand. I'd say it's the black tea and fig that are the dominant notes I'm smelling? Could come off as maybe pretty floral. Regardless, it's love at first sniff for me. Very happy to have this in my collection.

Andre Aviance
Familiar Start

When I first sprayed it on, I couldn't help but think I've already smelled/had this. After about 5 mins, it hit me. The initial top notes smell almost exactly like Babylon, which was one of my very first sample pack scents. Looking at the list of ingredients, they share MOST of the same ingredients. But while Babylon leaves you in a Mediterranean garden, Mystere changes. It turns in a musky, tobacco-y dark rose. I probably won't be buying a big bottle but it is a nice scent. I wore it to the office today and it was complimented but not like Zion or Game Time. But it's a different type of scent.