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Nefarious Inspired By Nishane Nefs

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Nefarious is a Dark, Boozy, Sweet and Exotic scent that will stick with you all day with just a couple of sprays. Real Oud, Boozy Whiskey, Sweet Vanilla and Honey are
the stars of the show. An attention getter, seductive and beautiful Nefarious gives off the vibes of a middle eastern Shiek. It smells like the Prince's favorite fragrance.
Rose is also in this concoction adding a little freshness along with Jasmine. Nefarious is one of the BEST Oriental fragrances you will ever smell. A phenomenal compliment
magnet that will make you feel like Royalty. I suggest getting a back-up bottle of Nefarious as it will be on top of your rotation all year.

If you enjoy Nishane Nefs, you will absolutely LOVE Nefarious by Alexandria.

Notes: Honey, Saffron, Fig, Rose, Jasmine, Nutmeg, Oud, Whiskey, Vanilla, Leather, Amber, Cinnamon, Cedar.

Time of day: Whenever you want to feel SPECIAL.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jay C

Love it. Smells bomb as fuck.

Imanuel Evans

Nefarious Inspired By Nishane Nefs

Kenneth Mackall

Smells absolutely awesome! Never tried the OG, but this smells great and performs well. Will buy another bottle when this one gets low.

Travis Fields

Nefarious Inspired By Nishane Nefs

Gerard Harrison

It’s a dark, sillage fragrance and EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED. The oud is well blended. It’s a gourmand oud. Very sexy. I just bought it because the description sounded good and I did a little snooping and found out it was expensive. So I said what the hell. But I’m going to buy another bottle. It didn’t wow me at first sniff but when I went to the supermarket and got a whiff of the scent bubble I was satisfied with my purchase. Didn’t get compliments but got a lot of girls following me around. I’m taking this to the strip club. That’s how you get compliments from beautiful female strangers. You go to the strip club and they tell you, or show you, how much they like it. But this is a definite five star. VERY GOOD scent. It’s exactly like Alexandria described it. This is a great scent to attract females or for intimate encounters. You can’t go wrong with this one. You probably (like me) won’t be wowed the first time you sniff it but it’s like Terre d’Hermes. It’s a scent that can be truly appreciated in the air. Please spray it on a shirt and put it on an air conditioner or fan, go outside to get your nose readjusted to the outside and go back in. You have to experience it like the strangers you encounter will and you will be blown away. Or do like I did, try to go to an air conditioned environment or put some on your hand and sit it by the air vent in your car. As you drive you’ll catch whiffs and be impressed. Highly recommend.